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The best thing about the future is that no one has a perfect picture of what it will look like, and we can only project thoughts based on current observation. Really, this is good for everyone, regardless of the industry. People are so aggressive about remaining on top of their competition, which always necessitates specific projections about the future. That said, the area of SEO is one that is tremendously growing every day, with more and more website owners finding interest in the practice and the need to get the best results in their SEO ranking tools.

As the number of websites increases online, manufacturers keep coming up with new tools like the ranking reports checker; audiences continue to demand more value at a better quality. This means that Google will be stricter on webmasters as time goes by, as will be evident on SEO ranking tool Google. A trend like voice search, for instance, its one that has gradually become a key ranking factor for Google and other search engines. It has been informed by the popularity of Google Home, Alexa, Cortana, among other voice-activated technology. Will voice search have any impact on SEO in the future? Let’s find out below:

High-quality content

Voice search optimization today is about creating content based on how humans speak, more than on how they write. Ideally, a user speaking thing out is not bound to correct verb forms, a formal and official language, among other factors prevalent in the traditional SEO practice. Since voice search is bound to keep gaining popularity, the content marketers will have to make an incredible shift like the content they generate. The concern will not be so much in the professionalism of a piece of work, but rather in the relevance to the topic matter, not to mention, how much it is relatable to the target audience.

In the future, for people to deem your content as good quality, it has to be relatable to their searches, and more so, to their needs. You may want to start investing in voice search, understand the language of your target audience so that as you are framing words to come up with content, it is relatable to them and their queries.

Improved user experience

It has not been stressed enough how much user experience is to Google and the SEO ranking tool. The concern is more about whether or not the users online are gratified with the content they consume or not. Every day, Google tries as much as possible to refine the search results for users. Sometimes, they even randomly pop questions on users regarding whether or not they found a particular site relevant and useful to their queries.

This means that in the future, the user experience will be even more of priority to the SEO ranking tool. Luckily, voice search is just about to make the experience better. The voice-enabled technology allows users to access information on the internet without necessarily having to type in the correct terms of spellings. Technically, by speaking out several words, search engines can deliver very accurate results to your query. In other words, if you determine positive feedback from an SEO ranking tool online, it is time to bet on voice search.

Convenience and flexibility

SEO ranking tool

Figure 2 voice search timelines

Everyone is looking for a flexible solution to their problems. It is why website owners are fond of the SEO ranking report software, and many internet users have picked up the trend of online shopping.

Voice search technology has so far become a convenience to a user. People do not have to type into search boxes what they want, as you would do in an SEO ranking report software. In any language they deem fit, they could make a query and receive a response more conveniently. Ideally, voice search will make things a lot more flexible, more or less like the SEO ranking tool has. As technology keeps advancing, people will continue relying on non-text methods of communicating, hence the prominence of video and images. In this sense, voice search will find a haven in the future. Not only that, but will be the reason behind most, if not all, internet searches across the globe. For website owners using the SEO ranking tool online, this is good news.

High level of engagement

Any technology that fosters conversations is one that has a huge potential to improve the level of engagement among users. Since most people’s searches on voice-enabled technology are conversational, the level of engagement between brands and audiences is bound to improve. People tend to frame their voice searches in the form of questions, both specific and general, as well as open-ended and close-ended.

There more you understand the language that your target audience speaks, the better you will become in your optimization efforts to deduce meaning from their words, while you keep them highly engaged. This will reflect positively on your SEO ranking report software. Even then, for this to work, however, it is upon website owners to determine the most suitable way to converse with their audiences, based on their voice searches. Remember that people’s searches on voice search are more natural than it would be on typed-in searches. Therefore, this becomes a perfect opportunity for business owners seeking to invest in the future of a highly motivated and engaged audience thanks to natural flowing conversations.

High usage of long-tail keywords

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Figure 3 long-tail keywords

Averagely, most of the voice search results are about 29 words long. Ideally, the voice-enabled technology encourages users to speak out their query, which translates to more words than when they type them out. That said, if you are a business owner targeting the voice searches, the keywords your deliberate to use on your content cannot be one or two terms. For this reason, the popularity of long-tail keywords among webmasters will greatly increase.

You want to target phrases of words between 4 – 8 words. This way, you are not too specific to lock out other audiences, but again, not too shallow in targeting the voice search users. In another perspective, this means that website owners must be specific about the kind of audience they seek to attract. In the future, there will be a very slim chance for businesses that wander around with generic keywords to find a spot on the first page of search engines. Regardless of their use of the SEO ranking tool online.

Massive access

By far, voice recognition systems have increased the access rates of people to the internet by a considerable percentage. The reason is that the population that was initially left out from accessing the internet due to unavoidable issues now have a fairer shot at it. This goes for the blind and physically impaired people. Instead of having to type words into search boxes, their spoken words are enough to get them what they need.

For SEO, this will mean a considerable increase in the traffic flow of websites as per the SEO ranking tool Google. Given the convenience and flexibility of voice technology, more people will be signing up to the online platform in the future, and the more people there are online, the better for website owners desperately hoping for an improvement in the results on an SEO ranking tool Google. Further, notice that the rise of mobile technology is significant around the world. Ideally, thanks to technological advancements that have popularised smartphones, along with the Internet of Things, voice search will increase the access to the internet by far, which will mark the epitome of success in matters of modern SEO for businesses.

Increased sales

Every e-commerce business that has invested in SEO is looking to increase sales. For this kind of call-to-action, the response rates may be higher with SEO, but wait until voice search takes its rightful place in the future. The whole idea is that with voice search, it takes very few seconds to execute a command and a task is done there and then.

For businesses, this means more delivery of services to interested customers. Since they will be satisfied, you expect sales to spike at a significant rate; the moment businesses fully embrace voice search. More to it, you benefit from an incredible performance on the SEO ranking tool Google, which also contributes to boosting your sales.

High speed for websites

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Figure 4 website speed for SEO

As it stands today, people online do not have the patience of time to linger around waiting for a site to load. It is why page-speed has become an important ranking factor for Google, among other search engines.

As a fact, no search today is faster than voice search. People do not need to take minutes to type out their queries while worrying about spelling and having the autocorrect feature all up on their cases. Just speaking out the words gives the users feedback almost instantly. With such an instantaneous technology, it is hard to survive with a slow-loading website.

In the future, Google and other search engines will become a lot stricter with their ranking factors, and that includes speed issues. The SEO ranking tool online will only generate positive insights if your website is faster than 3 seconds. If you can take it to one second per page, then you have a bright future ahead of you.

Security concerns and focus

In SEO, the issue of information privacy and data control is of the utmost importance. It is why technical SEO dictates employing the HTTPS protocol in place of the HTTP. Technically, voice search optimization should allow businesses to carry on with their business transaction online. This means that even payments could be made via voice technology.

That said, you do not want to be overly concerned about the results on the SEO ranking report software that you forget the essence of securing your platform for your target audience. Remember that excellent security plays a big role in great user experience, which ultimately positively affects your performance on the SEO ranking tool Google.

That beside the point, the technology of voice search with incorporate stricter measures in the areas of speaker verification and ID so that the secure voice experience is generally built around the user. As developers face the changing user demands, they keep adjusting their innovations to very much improve the security of the voice search transactions and conversations. With a little time, more technological advancements and the heavy emphasis on information security, the face of voice search will be marked by high-level security in the new few years to come.

Beyond mobile technology

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Figure 5 mobile stats

It is unimaginable to think that the mobile technology that has so much gained prominence today might soon be conquered by other technology, thanks to voice search technology. Ideally, mobile devices are the lead contributors to the popularity of voice search. As it is right now, mobile gadgets still have a substantial amount of control over the voice search technology. However, with time, even the SEO ranking report software will indicate the changes in results once people no longer need screens to get things done.

Ideally, with a steady connection to the internet, one does not need a screen to access information online. Even though this idea may seem a little far-fetched, the rate at which technology is advancing may render it to reality in just a few years.


Last modified: February 10, 2019



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