The internet has revolutionized a lot over the past couple of years. This is evident in the large numbers of people joining the different internet platforms every day. As if not enough, businesses are also breeding online, with thousands of websites being launched every day. It is no surprise that the SEO SERP online has become so trendy today.

As people are busy fitting in in different online platforms, websites are trying as much as possible to be the go-to channels for the online market audience.  However, it is not as easy as saying is, especially since people are getting accustomed to having things done their way, more especially regarding speed. When it comes to Google SEO SERP, website owners are very aware of the importance of speed in the overall SEO SERP goals. Even then, most people do not know why anyone would leave their site in 5 seconds. Lucky for you, below is a breakdown of why I will exit your site after just five minutes of being on it:

It takes forever to open

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Figure 1 Load Speed

If in the 4 seconds I am on your website and it does not open, then there is no longer a reason for me to stick around. The times are living in are so advanced in matters to do with technology, that everyone has gotten used to getting things done instantaneously. The popularity of online shopping is not just because of convenience, but for the reason that it saves a lot of time to get through certain transactions. This has meant a lot for the SEO SERP of eCommerce businesses.

If everything online, including the internet itself is a fast solution to people’s problem, why would I want to be on a site that takes centuries to open? The worst bit is that even though the text-based bit of your website one up, people are not willing to stick around for more than five minutes until the rest of the site opens. Therefore, ensure that before you employ the use of SERPs SEO tools, you have very well optimized your multi-media that they do not lengthen the amount of time your website takes to load. Standardize the sizes of images and videos to a format that does not in any way sub-standardize the quality of the media.

Poor navigation

If in the very first seconds of being on your platform I cannot move from one place to another, then it means that you have navigation issues on your site. To a large extent, this means that some of the critical web pages and information on your platform are hard to find. It should not take a visitor more than three clicks to see what they are looking for on your site.

Even as regards using SERPs SEO tools, it would be very infuriating to have to go through 20 clicks before getting the Google SEO SERP report you are looking for. In the same way, make it easy for your target audience to make your site their home. This means that the most importance tabs and buttons should be strategically placed on your site. For example, the homepage, about, contact us, search, and comment should be very easy to find in the first few seconds on opening your website. Generally, to determine the essential details, learn what your audience is interested in, and use the Google SEO SERP to guide you on what brings them to your site most of the times.

Not mobile-friendly

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Figure 2 mobile optimization needs

The mobile audience has grown so much that is can no longer be ignored, particularly concerning the SERPs SEO tools. As a fact, mobile site users are more than those that access the internet from a desktop or laptop, and this should mean something for your SEO SERP. Ideally, more than 50% of those people that visit your site do it from a mobile device. If therefore, your website is not mobile friendly, it means that you are inconveniencing the largest percentage of your traffic.

For a fact, Google SEO SERP has integrated mobile-first indexing in the ranking algorithm. This way, it is not just about making your site suitable for the mobile audience, but optimizing your platform for the mobile audience before the desktop audience. People should not have to zoom in and out to consume your content. The font sizes and types you sue should be comfortable for the mobile reader. Further, account for the fact that mobile users have to work with considerably smaller screen size than the desktop and laptop users. You can, therefore, determine a specific theme to befit the mobile audience without strain. Remember that your SEO SERP online performance depends on the satisfaction of your mobile audience.

Poor design

First impressions sure do have a significant role to play in the success of any effort. Whether you are restructuring to target a completely new niche market or targeting your typical customers, the design of your website speaks volumes about the kinds of content you share.

For the bigger part, the design should complement your brand’s identity. Even so, if you have too many flashy colors in your brand, they should not all get represented on your platform. The whole point of having a website is to ensure that as many people as possible have better access to your brand. A thing like your website design should therefore not come in between your Google SEO SERP and your target audience.

Be intentional about putting forth effort in your web design, so that does not appear unprofessional and messy. This means that you need to use complementary colors so that the font colors and the background colors have a beautiful contrast. Further, make sure you cut down on unnecessary widgets and sidebars, as well as tame the ads you use on your platform. The good thing is that these two will also help improve your page speed, not to mention, boost your SEO SERP online. Technically, if you haven’t redesigned your platform in the last five years, consider doing so because trends in web design keep changing by the day.

Irrelevant information

In SEO, it cannot be emphasized enough how important quality content is for websites. It is the only thing that keeps the relationship between brands and audiences intact. However, many webmasters are yet to master the significance of maintaining high-quality when it comes to content.

Although keyword research is excellent for reaching out to the right audience, if you do not match the keywords with the content your share, then you do not capture the intents of your target market, at this, it does not matter how well you have mastered the use of SERPs SEO tools. If the information on your platform does not reflect anything closely related to the searched terms, then your visitors will exit as soon as they have landed on your site.

Broken links

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Figure 3 Broken links

Broken links are among the top reasons people leave a site. One visitor may be super interested in learning more on what you have to share ion a certain topic, but with a broken link. They are demotivated to keep on reading or perusing the pages of your site.

The unfortunate thing is that broken things can happen to any website owner, as long as they keep generating content over a specified period. As you are busy with Google SEO SERP, notice that there is the vital role of link building in your SEO SERP online results. As you work to build links over time, you do not have any control over what happens on other people’s sites. Should a website you linked out to be brought down, then you will have a broken link to deal with. If you are not vigilant with checking the number of broken links on your platform, you accumulate them too much that they begin to mess up your Google SEO SERP.

Not enough information

The lack of adequate information is the main challenge with short-form content, and for the most part, can be blamed for poor results on SERPs SEO tools. Sometimes people come to your website with huge research topics on which they require in-depth insights. Upon realizing that your content is around 500 words, they deem it as needless in their quest. Among the core agenda of generating quality content should be to inform, entertain and persuade. For that to happen, you must provide sufficient information with compelling arguments that are worth people’s time.

Therefore, for better SEO SERP online reports, consider long-form content, of at least 1000-2000 words. Provide your audience with a reason to stick on your platform long enough.

Too many pop-up ads

First things first, pop-up ads are destructing and intrusive. A visitor concerned over the content you have posted is not interested in a completely irrelevant ad showing up on their screens. The worst kind of experience is that which your mobile users have to go through. Website owners are very inconsiderate of the mobile audience when they incorporate pop-up ads because most of them take up the whole screen of a user, deterring them from going on with their reading.

Technically, pop-up ads do not usually work, especially today. In fact, you will only be deteriorating your performance on SERPs SEO tools because the pop-up ads lower your user experience. As user experience is a core ranking factor, you cannot expect your SEO SERP online to improve as your user experience deteriorates. If you must use pop-up ads on your site, keep them to a minimum of two. More importantly, ensure they do not show up as the very first instance that a visitor opens your website. Give them time to read through your content before you can pop any information on their screens.

Too cluttered a website

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Figure 4 visual clutter

Other than the design on your site and the pop-up ads you have on, your website can be too visually cluttered. The human mind is in such a way that visual content calls for attention. When there is too much visual clutter, the chances are meagre that people will want to stay a second longer on your site, leave alone to concentrate on the message you are sharing. This means that your performance on SERPs SEO tools will also be low.

Ideally, you must determine to leave enough white space on each page of your site. This will help your visitors to focus on the vital information and aspects of your platform. To some extent, this means regulating the number of images you use on your web pages, lest they overpower your content. The results on your SEO SERP online will depend on how quick your visitors leave your platform once they are there. To be on the safe side, try as much as possible to keep them focusing on the significant bits of your site, including the items you have on sale.



Last modified: March 2, 2019



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