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For the past few months, you have been burning the midnight oil just to make sure that you get reports on your free Serp checker tool that show you are top in Google rankings. Unfortunately, you seem not to achieve your goal for some reason.

Well, they say that for you to be successful in SEO, you need to work extra hard and practice a lot of patience. But the results are taking much time to manifest! You have waited for months, applied every tip you read on this blog, but when you look at your Serp checker online tool, the results are the same as yesterday – you are not yet on the first page of google!

What could be the problem?

I had a client who launched his website in 2008. He wanted to make SEO his primary digital marketing strategy; hence he invested a lot of money in it. But his efforts never paid off. After 2 years, he came to me complaining that he was spending sleepless nights on his SEO strategy, but he cried every time he looked at his Google Serp checker software. Fortunately, I had a solution that worked for him, which I will share with you in this article. Today, he has several sites that rank high on google and other search engines.

Note: SEO is hard!

serp checker

Before I give you a plan that I helped my client develop and which won him the rankings he desired, I need to tell you one painful pill that website owners and digital marketers need to know – SEO is not a stroll in the park.

When you launch your website, don’t get excited thinking that it will appear among the #top5 searches in google within a few days. No! Getting incredible metrics on the free Serp checker calls for hard work, resilience, and of course, heaps of patience.

Some years back, funny SEO strategies used to work great. I could get tons of links and use them in my content, and within a few days, I could see my site at the helm of Google search when I monitored it using the Serp checker online. But take shortcuts today at your own peril! Use low-quality links, or use any other black hat SEO strategy, and you might lose your rankings or even your site in worst cases!

Develop the right plan and win

All website are not created equal. The problem I find with most people is that they will research their competitors who rank better than them, and ‘steal’ their style of doing things. Ultimately, they record low rankings on their Google Serp checker software.

As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. In this context, this means that a plan that will lead to excellent reports in the free Serp checker tool of your competitor might lead to low rankings and poor traffic for you. To win in this ever-competitive market, you need to be smart enough and come up with a unique strategy that is hard to beat.

Well, developing a winning SEO plan is tricky for most digital marketers. If you are lucky to come up with one, you will certainly spend a lot of time on your Serp checker online trying to monitor its progress, pray a lot, cross your fingers, make guesses, and spend a lot of time looking for tips and tricks that will push your site to the top.

When you launch a website for your business, you want it to be the ‘marketing personnel’ who will spend 24 hours a day and 7 days a week giving information about your business. To gain a competitive edge, you doubtlessly need help. You need a professional to give you guidance, and that’s the main reason why I am here. Below is a step plan that will eventually lead to the results you have always desired in your Google Serp checker software.

  1. Have a simple understanding of SEO


If you have read this article from the beginning (I know you have), I said that recording high rankings on your free Serp checker tool is not easy. This is true, and it is a fact that cannot change. But when you start creating an SEO strategy, you need to comprehend SEO in its simplest form.

First and foremost, you need to know what you are doing. Don’t proceed with this vice just because you have to, but do it because you understand what it’s all about. Search for its meaning online if you don’t, and know some benefits you will draw from it once you succeed.

Next, seek to understand Google’s algorithm and how it works. This will help you avoid including strategies that might hurt your rankings and the authority of your site in future.

Tip: whenever you need to understand SEO in its simplest form, look for information from high-authority sites and blog. Don’t just pick tips and tricks that you read from anywhere and include them in your strategy. This will give you the poor ranking metrics when you check Serp ranking after your site has gone live.

Your goal should be to understand the nitty-gritty in the field of SEO and seek to know how google works and some practices that might get you penalized along the way. When you get armed with this information, go proceed to the next step with confidence that your plan will record high-ranking reports in the Serp checker online when all is said and done.

  1. Understand the language of your target audience and speak it

serp checker

The most successful brands on the internet don’t develop an SEO strategy for the search engine, they do it for their target market. This is the direction you need to follow if your ultimate goal is to get the best results in your Google Serp checker software.

Ensure that you have a grasp of the queries that your prospective customers have, how they seek their answers in search engines and the kind of answers they need. Then, tailor your SEO strategy in a manner that fulfills their needs.

To ensure that you are speaking the language of your clients, the most important thing you need to do is look for words and phrases that they use to get similar information online. You can do this by simply typing a term in your focus keyword in the google search bar, and a list of the most searched items will pop up. But this is not the best method. I recommend that you use paid tools such as Serpbook which will give you the trendiest keywords and their monthly search volume. The reason why I highly recommend this tool is because it is highly affordable, and has an array of features such as a google Serp checker software which can help you check Serps whenever the need arises.

Make sure that you select a blend of the most searched terms. This will make your content highly valuable, consumable, and it might lure your target audience to share it. This will make your strategy more successful because the information you provide might reach audiences you had not earlier targeted.

However, to make sure you are getting results in your free Serp checker tool that show you have beaten all your business rivals, ensure that all your focus keywords appear naturally through your content. Simply put, give your clients the value they need, and Google will, without doubt, reward you with high rankings.

  1. Provide super-quality content

This is another step in your strategy that will make your Serp checker online record success in multiple search engines.

In today’s SEO world, content doesn’t lie in your posts and pages alone. It also covers videos, webinars, lists, live chats, and a lot more. To maximize your chances of achieving your business success swiftly, don’t just provide useful information on your blog alone. Do it across the web in channels where your target market is based, and link all the information you provide to your site. If you do it well, you might drive a lot of massive traffic to your site, which will translate to leads, conversions, and sales.

Tip: if you cannot provide insanely helpful content, please don’t force yourself. Hire extra hands to help you, and you will take pride when you see your site at the top the next time you monitor it with the Google Serp checker online.

  1. Countercheck your website, diagnose issues, and fix them!

This is a vital part of your SEO strategy. In case you want to record success in your Serp checker online for a long time, don’t release your website without giving it a thorough check-up. Make sure that all the pages have optimized URLs, page titles, descriptions, and images alt-tags. These are some of the things most website owners ignore, not knowing that they are crucial on-Page SEO factors.

Also, ensure that the site loads fast in different devices including mobile, and is also optimized for voice search. When you find out that all technical hitches are fixed, you can be confident that you will not record high bounce rates in the search engine rank tracking tool.

  1. Be careful with the sites that link back to you
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If your site gets loads of backlinks from sites that are taken by Google with high regard, you can rest assured that recording high rankings on your Serp rank checker online will come your way in no time. However, if your backlinks are low-quality, Google will assume that you are using unscrupulous tactics to get rankings, and your rankings will suffer as a result. Therefore, as part of your plan, make sure you do a background check of the sites which link back to you and eliminate those you believe will compromise your SEO efforts.

  1. Ensure your site is listed

When your business gets listed in niche, national, or local niche directory websites, your target market, and the search engine will know where to find you. Listing your website consistently will give your site more visibility, and this might have a direct impact on the rankings you record on your Serp checker.

To list your site in niche directories, create a Google My Business profile and ensure its complete. This is the profile you will use to promote your products and services. Take advantage of this and market as much local information as you can.

  1. Promote it!
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The final step in creating a winning SEO plan promoting your content. Don’t spend all your time creating content. Instead, spend only a quarter of it creating, and the rest promoting. Use different platforms to make sure your content reaches as many people as possible, and ultimately, the metrics you have always wanted to record in the Serp checker will come your way.

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Last modified: January 21, 2019



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