Don’t you ever wonder why top brands have some of the most outstanding websites online, with great functionality, amazing features, and looking equally as good as they function? Well, there are good reasons for putting a lot of effort into making your website stand out among your competitors. You will continually notice them employ the use of a SERP rank tracker, among other SEO tools. All this effort is not only to work to outshine their competitors but also, working to gain and maintain a position on the first page of search engines.

Surprisingly, even with the aid of Google SERP rank tracker tool, some websites still have a hard time making their way into the first page of search engines for the very keywords they targeted. Could this be about more than just the quality of the content they share? You would be shocked to hear that the design of a site has a lot to do with the success of that platform online. Accordingly, here are some ten worst mistakes you should avoid as concerns website design:

Lacking a clear call-to-action

It may sound simple, but a call-to-action has a lot of impact on the behaviour of an audience toward a site. It gives people an idea of what they need to do, where they need to go, and ultimately, how they should feel. Say you use your SERP rank tracker tool, and find the prime keywords to use. At this point, your web page must be in sync with those keywords, giving your visitors a specific direction in which to follow. For example, are you asking them to buy something? Do you want them to share that information? Visit your offices?

Be clear about your expectations on your audience. When a person visits your website, they must have a clear picture of what kind of business you are, say, selling products and services, promoting contents, digital marketing, among others. It is the whole point of using a SERP rank tracker and then incorporating keywords into your overall goal as a brand. Incorporate into your website design action boxes that will keep reminding people what to do. Examples include sign up now, add to cart, call us now, get started, among others.

Web pages take way too long to open

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Figure 1 page load time conversions

Let’s be honest; the only reason the internet has become so popular all over the world, other than in providing users with amazing tools like the SERP rank tracker, is because of the ability to get things done super-fast. At the least of things, your web pages should not take more than 3 seconds to open. People do not have the patience to hold on for a site to open when there are numerous other platforms to get similar kind of content to consume. The faster your website loads, the better the experience you offer your audience, regardless of whether you use the SEO rank tracker software or not.

Several things affect the speed capacities of a website, the main one being the nature of the images and other media you use. Most especially for your homepage, the images should be maximally optimized with keywords from the SEO rank tracker software. They should also be scaled to a small size, but careful to maintain a size that does not mess too much with its pixel in such a way to compromise its quality. Additionally, you want to be cautious about the number of widgets and sidebars you have on your platform. You may think it is a cool way to add features to your site, but if you can do without most of them, get rid of them. Also, consider using less sophisticated themes and plugins for your platform, because they only add to the amount of time your site will need to load completely.



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Figure 2 growth of mobile audience

When it comes to websites and technology, it ceases to be about the number of times you use a free online rank tracker and more about how friendly your platform is to the mobile audience. Technology has become so advanced that the use of smartphones and mobile gadgets has already outshined the use of desktops and laptops in accessing the internet. Be intentional about making your site mobile friendly. This means that it should be very responsive, and scalable to a small size screen without leaving out any crucial information. The font type, size and colour you use must as well favour the audience.

You can take even further by customizing a website theme for your mobile site. This way, you integrate your brand’s essence in both your desktop and mobile sites. At this point, when you use the Google SERP rank tracker, you will realize a higher traffic flow than before, because of considering the mobile audience.

Typography issues

Most SEO experts who use tools like the SEO rank tracker software or even a random free online rank tracker, do an excellent job in mining out the perfect keywords for the target audience, but still, end up missing out on a great deal of traffic flow. Sometimes, something as simple as typography can be so costly for your business. The way texts are organized, written, spelled out and composed on your platform has a lot to do with how the user experience will be like.

When it comes to typography, it is not just about the keywords you gather from your SERP rank tracker. You want to be particular about the font types you choose, the font size, colour, and style. Now, depending on your brand’s essence, the recommendations for typography keep changing.

The idea is to ensure that 90% of all the written content on your website is readable by the audience, without having to strain. This also applies to the mobile site. Therefore, choose colours that blend well, that is, for the website background and the type font. For your mobile audience, you can ensure that the design of your website allows for auto adjustments to particular type size. Notice the lengths to which social media platforms have gone to make their platforms convenient for their audience, by even including a night mode feature.

Wrongly placed social media links

Since social media is a powerhouse, its effects go both ways. Ideally, they can help you scale up your traffic rate by increasing your conversion rates. On the other hand, they are the very things that could chase out your visitors by drawing attention to themselves.

If you have placed your social media links on your platform with too much prominence, then you are distracting your visitors from consuming your content. This is technically pointing them towards the platform more than toward more of your web pages. As you would wisely use a free online rank tracker to drag your target audience to your site, keep them there by strategically positioning your social media links on your platform. Do not let them be too loud to overpower your amazing content.

Untraceable information

There are some pieces of information that your visitors should never have to break a sweat to find. Such include, About, Contacts, Products, and Services, to mention a few. The whole point of using a Google SERP rank tracker is to provide relevant key terms that can bring people to your platform, and once they are there, provide them with as much value as possible.

If people have to take too long to find things on your platform, then your whole design is wrong. For example, if you used the free online rank tracker for the keywords ‘technical SEO mistakes’, then, your users should have an easy time finding more information as regards that keyword. This means that your web pages must also be very well categorized to make it effortless for users to find what they want.

Using an HTTP protocol

This is an era of information privacy alertness among companies and individuals alike. Having a secure website, therefore, becomes a primary requirement for business owners. Technically, most browsers notify users is a site is not secure. That in itself automatically lowers your traffic flow. If you want to assure your target audience that you care about securely transmitting information back and forth with them, then it is time to up your game to the HTTPS protocol.

The HTTPS encrypts the data transmitted through a website, and for modern users, which is a plus. You can go ahead and squeeze out the very best keywords from a Google SERP rank tracker, but as long as your site is not secure, you will still fail in your SEO endeavours.

Outdated website

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Talk of security risks! Outdated sites are the most vulnerable gateways for hackers and malware attacks. Every day, technological advancements change how things are done, and that also goes for hackers. It also explains why there are free online rank trackers every which way. That beside the point, as hackers are busy coming up with new spyware and viruses, you must be equally active in keeping your platform up-to-date, and ready to fight off new attacks.

The good news is that some sites can auto-update themselves, for example, WordPress. If you do not have such luxury, make an effort to keep your website up-to-date. Consider also updating your SEO rank tracker software, as you do other tools.

Poor use of headers and footers

It is a common misconception among website owners to think that headers and footers in websites are solely meant for advertising. Quite the contrary, it is alarming when visitors get too many ads on your headers and footers. For one, it lowers the user experience, even though your SEO rank tracker software did justice with the targeted keywords.

You can do so much more with your headers and footers, among them, improve the navigability features of your site. You can even use them as strategic areas to add information that contains the primary keywords you got from the Google SERP rank tracker tool. However, it is not to say that banners should not find a place there, but rather, that you should strike a balance. Ensure the content therein is more than the number of ads you add on your platform.

No Analytics to Measure Performance

In SEO, you always need to work with a couple of tools to get it done. It is probably why the SERP rank tracker is very popular. However, other than the SERP rank tracker tool, you need to be fond of analytical tools on your website. Overlooking the place of analytics can be so costly. You end up not knowing where your site is ailing, which could render most of your optimization efforts useless.

As a business owner, your website is an investment that you need to be aggressive in tracking progress and measuring performance. It is why you would invest in a SERP rank tracker in the first place. Ideally, the technical part of SEO is especially very core in matters of website design. You want to be at the top of issues for when the JavaScript codes are misbehaving, or when some of your pages are accidentally marked as non-indexable pages. Luckily, a tool like Google Analytics is easy to use and can get all the work done for you. You can even check out the behaviour of your audience as regards your site.


Last modified: January 22, 2019



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