You must be wondering what the high ranking sites, which are probably your competitors, do to get high serp rankings. It is not a coincidence that these sites are all getting the king of serp ranking that you wish for your website. It is not magic. There is something that the webmasters are doing that those of other sites are not.

That, however, means, that SEO is real and you can also get to the top. For that to happen, you need to task yourself to understand what the high ranking sites are doing. Luckily for you, you found yourself in the right place and here are the things that these authority sites have in common.

  1. They use keywords in the title tag

The sites that are ranking well on the serp ranking tool have discovered the trick. Using keywords in the title tag is vital for serp rankings. The sites that have keywords in their title tags get to benefit by having increased click-through rates. It makes the sites more appealing to the users than those that do not have them. Also, the sites get high serp rankings as the search engines use them to know what the site is about and categorize them.

You can put this to the test, if you start using keywords in your title tag, you will notice a significant improvement when you track serp rankings.

  1. Long and detailed content


You can confirm this. The high ranking sites do not have content that is below 500 words. What you do not know is that these sites have the best serp rankings for creating long-form content for the audience. How does longer content benefit a site?

Long-form content increases the visibility of a site by giving an impression of an expert in the field. That improves the credibility of a site and consequently attracts more traffic to the site. The result is a high serp ranking. That is not all; longer content will also give more room for more links. It is a no-brainer, the more the links, the higher the serp rankings. It does not end there. Remember that quality links will also boost social sharing, which further boosts traffic and increases the backlinks a site has. If you track serp rankings for authority sites, you will notice that they are also ranking for link building.

Detailed content gives the users the answers they are looking for. For this reason, the sites that create content of up to 2000 words get rewarded on serp ranking tool.

  1. updates content

Websites with high serp rankings have webmasters that ensure that the site is not static by updating the content and keeping it fresh. Search engines will reward you for creating fresh content and upgrading the existing one.

Other benefits come with the practice.  Note that sites get to rank for keywords. You can confirm that on a serp ranking tool. The webmasters update the content and use new keywords at the same time. You could do the same for your site. After doing keyword research, you will identify the type of keywords that the authority sites are getting serp ranking for. Ensure that while you check your focus on the sites that are in your niche. With that information, update your content and add the keywords. You will note a significant change in your ranks the next time you track serp rankings.

Fresh content also increases the credibility and authority of a site: and, the serp rankings too.

  1. Authenticity

Being genuine is one of the things that will favor a high ranking site on the serp ranking tool. Being original is what gives the sites with high serp rankings a competitive advantage.

Duplicating content, for instance, is not something that the authority sites want to associate with. Web owners are well aware that different audiences have different needs. Different brands also need to have different voices that their customers can identify with. Also, remember that Google and other search engines will punish your site for posting duplicate content. Being unoriginal will only hurt your SEO instead of improving your serp rankings.

  1. Optimized images

If you look keenly, you will notice that the sites with a good serp ranking have optimized images. How are images optimized for websites? The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that images being used are relevant. The images also need to be unique. Note that the same images are what will attract customers to read your content: they need to be worth their while.

You will also notice that these sites have high-quality image formats.

Did you know that images also offer you an opportunity to get an impressive serp ranking through keywords? Now you know. It is always advisable to use keywords in the image captions. Provided that relevance is kept in mind, there always will be something in for the serp ranking tool!

  1. Fast page loading speed

You should carry out an exercise with the sites with high serp rankings: try click on their pages. You notice that it will take you less than three seconds to access a page. That is one of the reasons why these sites are doing better on the serp ranking tools than others.

Using smaller images is one of the strategies that are being used on these websites to improve the page loading speed. Users will prefer viewing pages that have a fast loading speed. If it takes them more than four seconds, they will leave for another site.

As you track serp rankings, it is also essential to use the tools to analyze your page loading speed for you to come up with ways to optimize it. A fast loading speed will increase a site’s dwell time and consequently the serp rankings. Do something about your page loading speed and get great serp rankings!

  1. Outbound links


Outbound links are a common phenomenon for all the successful sites you come across as you track serp rankings. Outbound links are simply the links in your content that point out to other websites.

How does outbound links improve the authority of the said sites and their serp ranking?

Linking to other authority websites helps a site to reach more audience. It is for this reason that linking to relevant sites is vital. Through external linking, sites gain popularity. As such, you will be able to build relationships with other bloggers and webmasters. They will also link to you.

That will work wonders on your serp rankings. The fact that someone is linking to your sites improves your credibility and builds authority for the site. Google will notice that and will improve your serp rankings.

Outbound links will make your site valuable to the users. Remember that you cannot know everything and also, you cannot always provide your audience with all the information that they need. Linking to other sites means that you are helping the visitors get access to information. Google with appreciate you helping the users by doing something about your serp ranking.

  1. Mobile responsive pages

If you track serp rankings adequately and do some more digging, you will find that all the sites with high serp rankings have mobile responsive pages. Most of the visitors are using mobile devices to search for your websites. Therefore, you need to be ready for them. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you will notice on your serp ranking tool that you are getting fewer page views. You might also notice that the bounce rate for your site is spiking and the dwell time declining.

The two elements have an impact on serp rankings. Working on the responsiveness of your website on mobile devices will prevent your serp ranking from suffering.

A high serp ranking website will have a viewport Meta tag to control the way in which it opens in a mobile device to make it user-friendly. Using large fonts and large button sizes is also another way of making a site mobile friendly. Compressing the images also go a long way in making your site user-friendly and increasing the sites page loading speed. High serp rankings are for sites that do not keep the customers waiting!

  1. Dedication to keyword research


Keyword research is something that most web owners have not taken seriously. It is one of the reasons that authority sites are doing well with the serp rankings. The webmasters have realized the importance of keyword research in serp ranking. Remember that organic traffic is a valuable asset to SEO and the best way to get hold of it is by devoting your efforts to keyword research.

Keyword research can start as you track serp ranking. Identify the keywords that your site is ranking for. It will not hurt to check with your competitors too. As such, you will know the type of keywords you should be using to attract traffic to your site.

Keyword research will also allow you to point out the words that clients use to get to your site. You will not need to sweat much to get people to visit if you have all this information. Keyword research will also equip you with the skills and ideas of creating your original keywords. Note that using original keywords will also improve your serp rankings.

How? It is straightforward. If you are using a keyword that you generated yourself, you will not compete with anyone for the particular keyword. That means that everyone who will be using that will be directed to your site. That means you get to enjoy all the traffic: no sharing.

  1. Track and monitor SEO performance

Tracking and monitoring SEO performance is often sidelined by most webmasters. What they do not understand is that the practice will give them an avenue to improve their serp ranking. It is an almost effortless process. There are plenty of reliable analysis tools that successful sites are using. Feel free also to put them to the test.

Why is it essential to monitor the performance of your SEO? Remember as you were just getting started, there are various strategies and plans that you put in place. You need to evaluate them and see if they are bringing any return on investment. If they are not making a significant contribution to your SEO efforts, get rid of them. Some of the areas will need improvement for you to better your overall SEO.

You can only be able to identify those areas through tracking your performance.

If you want to join the winning team, you need also to learn the ways of the successful sites. Use the information above to the advantage of your site and SEO efforts. Also, you need to be updated with all the SEO trends.

Last modified: February 10, 2019



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