SEO is undoubtedly most businesses’ success story. That covers businesses with physical stores and those with online stores. SEO is the center of digital marketing. However, it is also one of the topics that have been most misunderstood. This must be as a result of the ever-changing SEO world. It is also important to note that keeping up with these changes gives you a better chance at succeeding in digital marketing. These changes are opportunities for you, and they can make you record high rankings in your Serp tools and Serp rank tracker.

If you can take note early enough and use the SERP tools available, your competitors will have nothing on you. In your SEO efforts, you might also make some mistakes unknowingly, considering that SEO is a broad subject. The following are some of the ways that you may be hurting your SEO.

  1. Not taking ‘Google My Business’ seriously

You ought to avoid this mistake. Most people do not acknowledge the importance of this listing. The tool is essential for local SEO. As you may be well aware, businesses are benefiting from local searches. Note that 74 percent of the customers who search for a local business online will visit the physical store. If you are not using Google My Business, you can imagine the sales you are missing out on.

The tool’s function is to help your business appear in the search engine results pages in local search. Without it, your business will not appear, and the consumers will not get a map of your location and learn about your business. The tool is free of charge, and all you are needed to do is ensure that the information you provide regarding your business is accurate.

  1. Ignoring the importance of website audits


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It is essential to track and monitor the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, more so your website. If you are not doing any audits, you are only hurting your SEO efforts. A website audit is an evaluation of the quality of your website, content and ranking. It is in a bid to identify areas in which you are not doing so well, and what is working for your marketing campaigns.

It is essential because it is the only way that you will get the information you need to create better strategies. It is a way of also keeping your website neat. In the process, you will be able to identify the broken links and errors then rectify on the problem. A website audit using serp tools will give you insight into your site’s ranking, the traffic and number of bounce rates your site is having. Having such information will help you better discern on the actions to take, which will consequently bring even more traffic to your site. Luckily for you, this does not have to be too tedious a task. There are plenty of serp tools that you could use to carry out website audits.

  1. Ignoring off-site SEO

It is a mistake that most web owners make. As much as on-site SEO is vital, it is also important to note that off-site SEO is equally critical. SEO is not limited to keeping your website in the good books of the search engines. Taking off-page SEO will bring many benefits. Your site will get more traffic which will lead to a better ranking on search engine result pages. Off-site strategies make your site more visible, and you will also get rewarded for page ranking.

It is for that reason that you need to pay attention to website analysis using serp tools, link building and social media marketing too.

  1. Not creating quality and fresh content

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Content is not only about having something for the visitors to read when they come around. If you are in the habit of creating content after months, you need to stop. The content you post also should be able to add value to your audience. Why is fresh and quality content detrimental?

For one, fresh content will give your site a sense of reliability. Remember that the information you offer in your content is subject to change. It will come to a time where the information you have provided there is outdated. As such it may end up misleading people. Fresh and quality content will spark the interest of your audience, and they will keep coming back for more. This means that your site will have a steady flow of traffic, which will also contribute to your site’s ranking. Using serp tools, you can always confirm the kind of traffic your site is getting.

The other importance of having fresh content is that if you update your old content, you will find that Google has awarded you when you check with the serp tools. Google takes note of a site that is giving the users value.

Your site will rank for keywords; you can confirm that on your serp tools. Updating your content gives you the opportunity also to use fresh keywords.

  1. Failing to redirect users from old URLs

You might notice from your serp tools that your site has crawl errors. Yes, you can fix them by creating new URLs. However, there is a mistake that most webmasters tend to make: failing to redirect the users to the new URLs. After a while, you will notice on your serp tools that you are no longer getting the traffic that you used to. If you have a page that you are ranking well for, it is essential that you redirect the client when you change the URL lest you will leave the quality traffic behind. It will hurt your SEO.

  1. Paid links

Buying backlinks will do your site more harm than good. Quality and organic backlinks will give you good reports on the serp tools. You should, however, note that buying backlinks is a waste of time. One thing you might fail to notice is that the backlinks you are buying are probably from spammy of flagged sites. The danger is that Google will for sure notice that and penalize you.

If you use backlinks, during analysis on serp tools, you will notice that the views you used to get will drop. You do not want that after putting all that effort in creating quality content!

  1. Creating content for Algorithms

You should be creating content for your audience. The search engines come second. There is no point in getting good ranks and not making sales. You should direct more focus to create content that will be useful to the visitors. Google will reward you for that. Content for the users will give you an edge over the competition.

  1. Not keeping up with SEO trends

If you want your site to be successful, you have to keep up with SEO trends. SEO has evolved over the years. Some of the things that have changed are keyword research, links and Meta tags. Why is it so important to stay updated? From the updates, you can find the best practices to employ to bag even more customers.

Failing to update your SEO skills will have implications on the reports you get from search engine rank tracker tools. More so, there is no better way of beating your competitors than having information that they don’t. Knowing what you should be doing and what you should not, will salvage your SEO efforts.

  1. Forgetting that SEO in an investment

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Most of the people who fail in SEO treat SEO as a one-off task. They post content only once and expect overnight results. SEO is an ongoing thing. If you do it well, you are bound to benefit from it for years. It is important to note that your dedication to time is crucial. You will be required to continually create content for your audience and do an analysis of your site’s performance using serp tools and so on. All that does not happen in a day. You, therefore, need to have patience and devotion. It is the only way that you will succeed.

  1. Keyword stuffing

You will at no point see good reports on your serp tools as a result of keyword stuffing. As aforementioned, SEO keeps evolving. Some practices used to benefit SEO in the past. For instance, Google used to use keyword density in ranking sites. After a while, it was noted that webmasters were cramming keywords to get good ranks but were not being helpful to the users. Ranking for keyword density has since changed.

Today, you will not get rewarded for keyword stuffing. You can confirm on serp tools that you are only getting ranked for quality and genuine keywords.

  1. Not dealing with crawl errors

Crawl errors prevent Google bots, also known as crawlers, from accessing your website. What does that mean? Your servers will not be able to communicate with the search engine. As such, users may not be able to find your pages. This will affect your site. The views on your pages will decrease. How do you know that you have crawl errors? Serp tools can help you identify that. Also, if you notice changes in the amount of traffic you are getting and ranking, then that should ring a bell.

Fixing crawl errors is vital in many ways. You will be able to maintain the steady flow of traffic to your site and ranking. More so, it will make your site reliable as users will be able to find what they are looking for. A site with lots of crawl errors shows that it is not well maintained: which is not a good look.

  1. Not using keywords

If you are not making use of keywords, then you are making a grave mistake. Keywords do contribute to the ranking of your site. More so, it is what clients use to find your site. You, therefore, need to start with doing keyword research to know the kind of keywords that your competitors are ranking for. From there you will be in a position to create keywords that are relevant and provide value to your audience.

  1. Slow pages

If your site’s page loading time exceeds four seconds, then you should do something. You should know that if your page loading time is more than four seconds, the visitors will leave for another site. What happens next? The bounce rate will increase and the dwell time will decrease. The two will have an impact on the ranks you will be affected on your serp tools report.

To optimize your site’s page loading speed, you need to minimize HTTP requests, enable compression, browser caching and also reduce the image size.

The reason why your site is not ranking top is that you are making some of the mistakes mentioned above. If you make improvements on the same, you will get to enjoy the best reports yet on serp tools!


Last modified: January 31, 2019



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