Is it really worth it to invest in SEO? This is a question that all website owners have had at one point of their existence online. Knowing the many benefits that SEO can have, for example, amazing SERPs ranking, the question is not exactly about whether or not SEO works, but about its longevity. How long is it before SEO loses value and all your efforts go down the drain?

If you do not understand the real value of SEO, then it won’t matter that you have mastered the art of using a SERP ranking software. It is when you know that SEO has a significant impact on your website and SERPs ranking that you can see the need to invest in the optimization efforts. In fact, with the rate at which technology is growing, you better believe that SEO is here to stay. Here is a look at some of the reason why you will find SEO to have an impound impact on your business in the future:

Organic Search

Just like SERP rank, organic search is a huge factor for website owners. It marks the largest percentage of web traffic online. With Google taking up more than half of the entire online search market, it is necessary that wrap your brand around proper SEO practice. Every time you delay taking up optimization initiative, your competitors are taking over your potential target market.

The organic search is your best shot at overpowering your competitors and improving your SERPs ranking. You have to make sure that your website shows up in most of the searches in your industry. The more people get fond of your site in searches, the more they get to trust your brand as a credible source of information. This is how you see your SERPs ranking improve every day. Count on the organic search, particularly from Google, as your resource to boost your brand’s visibility.

Building credibility

Ever wondered why you just couldn’t compete with some brands? Maybe experience is one reason, but even though they have been at it long enough, it is the reputation they hold that keeps them going. Although you think you are practicing SEO to for SERP rank results, understand that everything you do on your platform speaks a thing or two about your brand.

The quality of content you offer to your audience, for instance, implies your understanding and know-how in your industry. The way you keep your audience engaged to speak about your value for your customers more than you need to make money. Further, as earlier mentioned, people trust what is served to them by Google, which explains why you are fond of checking SERPs ranking. No matter how great your site is if Google does not acknowledge it, people will not. Therefore, the more you appear on Google results, the better for your credibility and reputation as a business. Trust that the SERPs ranking software will also have impressive results from all your sustained proper SEO efforts.

Improved user experience

Figure 2 User Experience

Every business owner would love for their customers to be happy and high involvement in their products and services. Ultimately, the optimal user experience is a big part of you getting on top of organic rankings on matters of SERPs ranking software. Google, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain, has mastered a way to interpret the user experiences of sites.

Google has even gone ahead to make a great user experience a ranking factor for websites. Even so, website owners should be excited about user experience because it helps better their sites in many ways. User experience captures great audience engagement, high-quality content, multimedia, fast loading web pages, to mention a few. Since people know what they want, it is up to you to figure out what you can offer them according to their needs. Before you can devote your efforts on SERPs ranking software, take time to understand the needs of your audience, then become the timely and relevant solution.

Ideally, it can be summed up in a statement; if you want to make Google happy, make your audience happy. Consider the popular keywords and search queries as a guide to knowing what information gap you can fill. Capitalize on Google alert and suggestions as a way to find the different ways that Google offers information ton users depending on their niche of interest and their queries. Notice how your SERP rank improves from here.

Impacts on the Buying Cycle

As a business, your core agenda of practicing SEO, caring for your SERPs ranking and investing in optimization and digital marketing is to make sales. The only way to make sales is to ensure that you walk through with your prospects through the customer journey, and assuring them high-quality value. It is why the issue of customer satisfaction is relevant for all businesses.

That beside the point, the buying cycle of audiences is one that requires skills in relationship, engagement, and persuasion. People do not want to feel like they are being forced into buying a product. People must be able to depend on your content throughout the buying cycle before they can consider buying your products or even coming back for more. Without SEO, it is difficult to deliver on this because, for one, you will not be found where your audience is, and where the need is.

Further, your customer journey is about constant interaction with people, along with instantaneous feedback. This calls for a lot of involvement, which through means like face-to-face of mere website content, you cannot achieve. Remember that your experience with the SERPs ranking software also has a lot to do with how well you handle the customer journey as a business and website owner.

SEO practices keep updating

People lose faith in something when they start having doubts about their existence in the future. With SEO, you do not need to worry much about its being there in the future, because it certainly will. The main reason that SEO can be sustained over a long time is its dependence on technology. For example, the SERPs ranking software is an extension of technological advancements coming in place to aid webmaster on matters of checking their SERP rank.

Figure 3 Google Algorithm Updates

That said, understand that SEO keeps changing and becoming better. Just from the technological advancements, many changes take place on matters of optimization and SERPs ranking. On another scope, Google updates for the ranking algorithm also affect the entire process of SEO. At one point you may consider buying links as the way to build links, but after Google’s update, it will only attract you penalties that ultimately affect your SERPs ranking.

The rise of mobile has revolutionized the internet

Mobile technology has taken the digital world by storm. Thanks to it, billions of people can access the internet at any time of any place. This for businesses is good news because it means their target market has increased. Ideally, since the mobile searches are not more than the desktop searches, it only makes sense that you employ SEO to optimize for the mobile audience. It is about packaging information for their site, which means readjusting your site for a smaller screen without messing up on quality.

Further, the mobile audience demands a lot of commitment when it comes to audience engagement. If you want to keep your target audience growing, then ensure your mobile audience are highly engaged. The easiest way to get that done is by ensuring that communication flow is as consistent as possible. Incorporate Chabots and polls on your site to keep them communicating. Ensure you are a timely responder to their comments, and more so their queries. What is also more important is that you become intentional about sharing audience-generated content. Since mobile encourages shareability of content, you will notice an improvement in your shares, along with your SERPs ranking.

The power of social media

Figure 4 Social media and SEO

If not for anything else, you must invest in SEO long-term because of social media. As mentioned above, social media has widely grown because of technological advancements, more so, mobile technology. With so many platforms to consider, there is no telling the lengths to which your competitors will go to overtake your brand and take all the target market for themselves. Ideally, the people you are trying to target with your marketing campaigns are on social media. Relying on your website traffic alone is not enough if you are concerned with improved SERPs ranking.

The social media audience is so broad that you cannot ignore it. Further, local searches for businesses are so prevalent on social media. People want to know what other people are saying regarding a brand, and they cannot get that information from your site. Therefore, as you are optimizing your website, you will find social media to be very valuable and pertinent in your SEO campaigns. Better yet, social media platforms have a business plan that suits businesses, taking away any excuse you may still have for not being on social media.

Stiffer competition

If you think your competition is still right now, wait until all businesses have wholly invested in SEO. First, realize that most of your competitors are doing SEO.  Every day is a new day for them to pursue SERPs ranking software to find out how they are performing and how they can better their SERP rank results. Therefore, every moment that you are not making a move, you are losing ground to a competitor who is giving their very best to it.

Given the popularity of SEO and organic searches for businesses, there is no telling how many companies will be actively practicing proper SEO. If you lag as early as not, then your competition will not only be stiffer than it is right now but also, it will overshadow you. Remember, the more you appear in people’s eyes, the better they keep up with your business. This will always have positive repercussions on your SERP rank on the SERPs ranking software.

High ROI

At mentioning ROI, now we are talking business. Business owners always want to know about how much returns there is to any investment they choose to go into. In SEO, it is expected that business owners worry about the measurability of their efforts mainly on matters of SERP rank, along with the returns it will have on all they put forth.

First, SEO is as measurable a practice as they come. There are several ways to measure your performance, including SERPs ranking position, traffic flow, number of sales, click-through rates, among others. Since SEO is very quantifiable, you can easily identify your ROI, based on the goals you had in mind. The best part about SEO’s ROI is that you do not get to spend too much money to have incredible results. For the most part, SEO is free. It is all about giving the very best to your audience and aiming for a better SERP rank each time. The few areas you put forth your money include in giveaways, working on technical SEO like website redesign, to mention a few.


Last modified: March 2, 2019



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