It is such a fulfilling experience to have your website rank on the first place of Google’s first page for your targeted keywords. Something about achieving a better result on SERPs tracking always feels like a win. However, it is not as easy as it seems. A lot of activities, techniques, time and effort go into optimizing a site for the top positions of free tracking SERPs. Fortunate enough, there are several things that webmasters can bank on to achieve success in this area. Other than the tools that technology has made readily available for conducting paramount SEO practices, there is the role of social media.

It is not vain that people now consider social media the most powerful digital marketing tool. There are millions of people who gather on different social media platforms every day, which is the very reason brands are becoming more and more vigilant in improving their social media presence. If by chance you are clueless of how social media can benefit your website, here is a breakdown of different ways in which it can impact your SEO and improve your free tracking SERPs outcomes:

Content Promotion

Being a successful brand with high ranking performance on free tracking SERPs on the very competitive digital platform is not easy. Your entire concern is channeled to popularising your brand’s identity through the content you share. If therefore, your content does not receive the kind of viewership you expect it to, it means that you are failing in your SEO efforts. If you want an unmatched audience alert to your great quality, keyword-optimized content, you must become a social media expert. Technically, most of the people on the internet concentrate on material shared on social media. Given the place of social validation in informing the kinds of relationships that people have online, you have to ensure that your content gets shared by more than just your staff members and customers because this will mean a lot for SEO tracking of your site.

Social media for one provides you will get a larger audience than you would amass on alone on your website. As people are gathered for different reasons, make sure that your content becomes a reason for them to remain hungry for fresh content. Generally, for effective free SERPs tracking, be sure to build your content marketing strategy on social media’s back. The best news is that you cannot miss out on a platform that suits your brand because there are so many to choose from, just like with SEO tracking tools.

Social media profiles show up in search results

serps tracking

Figure 2 social results

Let’s say your SEO tracking efforts have not been so encouraging because your site has not quite been showing up on search results. While you may need to put more efforts on SEO processes, you can count on your social media platforms to show up in rank results.

Since social media platforms have a high domain authority, when there is relevant content on a social media platform for the searched keywords, the social profiles show up the top of the search results on search engines. For example, if you type out the name of a particular brand, notice that the results presented capture a couple or two social media profile results along with their website platform. Ideally, the more activity you have on social media platforms, the higher your chances of ranking for your social profiles regarding SEO tracking.

At this, you can even anticipate more click-through rates because more people tend to click on social media profile results due to the influence that social media platforms have on the online community. However, if you really what to outdo your competition when it comes to free tracking SERPs, ensure that you can rank for both your website and your social media platforms.

Numerous link-building opportunities

Have you heard of brand mentions? It is when your brand gets tagged and mentioned in various conversations online. Even though people may not directly link to your site, the fact that you are a conversation says a lot about your audience reach along with your brand’s reception by the target market. Technically, brand mentions are a goldmine for high-quality backlinks, not to mention, a great way to spice up your SERPs tracking results. When people are having conversations about your brand, those mentions count for SEO tracking factors. At times, you can even confront the involved parties to add a link of your website to sweeten the deal.

You have more opportunities to earn links on social media because, first, you get links from shared content. Since social media platforms encourage sharing of content from person to another, the more they share your content, the more your links spread out across social platforms. This means that your SERPs tracking performance keeps improving with every share.

Second, you can easily track mentions of your brand, particularly on your specific branded keywords. Overall, the link-building opportunities on social media are limitless, and that speaks volumes about the free SERPs tracking results you should expect.

Improves your brand’s visibility

You surely must know by now that there is a direct correlation between your brand’s visibility and your performance on SEO tracking. The more your presence can be felt online, the better you perform, not just on matters of ranking and free SERPs tracking, but also on matters of popularity, and domain authority. So many brands today have capitalized on social media to boost their brand’s visibility. The beauty with social media is that your brand can go viral in a matter of seconds, skyrocketing your brand to the top of people’s searches and SERPs tracking.

Once you figure out a way to prick people’s creativity with your content, for example, with humor, rhetoric questions, controversial concerns, among others, you become the new talk in town. This means that the conversations on social media platforms will revolve around your brand.  However, for this to happen, your presence on social media platforms must be felt. The trick is in the number of times you post content, share relevant material, comment and share other people’s work. Notice that as you grow in followers, your click-through rates increase, brand mentions tremendously go high, and your traffic flow also increases. At this, you can rest assured that your free SERPs tracking experience will never be the same as before.

Local SEO

Local SEO might be the only competitive advantage you have on your competitors, leave alone a great performance on SERPs tracking. Sometimes, they are doing so much better in other locations and on free tracking SERPs, but you still beat them when it comes to your geographical position. Now, if you want to keep this on, be sure that you are doing something with your social media accounts. Most people do not understand that local SEO hugely relies on social media. The people you are trying to catch up with and distribute your content to, are busy on different social media platforms trying to catch up with other people.

If you doubt that, perhaps you are also not aware that today, most people perform local searches on their smartphones for local brands around them. Given that the mobile audience is already higher than the desktop audience online, this is a great opportunity, particularly for small businesses. Fortunately, sites like Yelp make it very easy to perform local SEO. The only thing you need to be deliberate about is ensuring that all the information you profile for people on different sites is consistent. Allow people to locate you, contact you and interact with you as much as possible, and see how enormous a change this creates for your free SERPs tracking endeavors.

Social media platforms as search engines

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Figure 3 Social traffic

If you think that people only turn to Google for their searches and perhaps their SERPs tracking needs, then you have it wrong. With the prominence of social media in all dimensions of life, they have in themselves become search engines deserving of SERPs tracking. Most people will turn to social media platforms to look for news, hot topic, current trends, businesses, reviews, to mention a few. If you are not on social media, not is the time to join.

To survive online, even though your SERPs tracking doesn’t encourage you all the time, be a guru on social media. The moment people turn to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other social media platform for that matter, they should not miss your brand. The best part is that once you have become very vibrant and conspicuous on social media platforms, it is hard that you will not show up in search results. This means that as you work to increase your social media visibility, you are indeed working to boost your SEO tracking results.

High audience engagement

For businesses, nothing matches the feeling of a gratified customer that is even willing to promote your brand among his/her peers. The satisfaction of your audience on the digital space relies a lot on the level of engagement they have with your brand. In the modern day digital world, people are looking to relate and interact with brands personally. This means that the demand for transparency and relatable content is increasing by the day. Without a strategy with which you plan to keep your audience engaged, do not be surprised if you are always lagging on SEO tracking on your free SERPs tracking software.

Social media will cover so much ground when it comes to audience engagement. Since the platforms are built to reinforce and encourager communication and relationship building between people, engaging the target market is not as difficult as it is in the real world. All you need is to understand the language of your target audience, and what kind of content they like. From there, sharing, tagging, retweeting, commenting, among others, are the simplest ways to keep your audience actively engaged with your brand. If you are comfortable handling a free SERPs tracking tool without complications, doing this should not be so hard. You can even take a notch further by introducing activities like competitions, giveaways, and even online events. These will keep things interesting for your audience, not to mention, your SERPs tracking results.

Google’s partnership with Twitter

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Figure 4 Google-Twitter partnership

Are you aware that there is an existing partnership between Google and Twitter? Now that you know that, you probably also know that anything affiliated to Google gives you an advantage when it comes to SEO tracking and ranking on the first page of Google. That said, the partnership between these two parties means a lot in the world of SEO, and not just on matters of SERPs tracking.

It is not enough that social media platforms have a high domain authority and ultimately show up on the first page of Google. This partnership means that any activities that brands have on Twitter now have a better chance of showing up on search results concerning free tracking SERPs and SEO tracking. If nothing else works for you, ensure you tweet, and tweet often, then gradually, the free tracking SERPs will sort themselves out. Let your target audience notice your presence on social media when your tweets show up in your searches. The trick is to take pieces of your content or blog that you choose to emphasize and convert them into tweets. You can also highlight them on your website, encouraging your visitors to tweet and tag you while at it.


Last modified: March 2, 2019



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