If you thought that the great metrics you get from your website keyword checker software are as a result of your energy, time, and resources alone, you are damn wrong!

Did you know that your personal skills can directly influence the analytic reports you draw from your Google keyword checker? Well, you probably didn’t.

As an SEO expert, my company has been engaged in a lot of work lately. In a bid to ensure that I am giving my clients the quality they deserve, I have hired extra hands from diverse backgrounds. They have different personalities and skills based on the industry they were in. Some were small business owners, others were assistants in big brands, and astonishingly, some were even plumbers! This means that they are different in many ways. However, to ensure that I get the results I desire in my keyword checker online for every website I monitor, there are certain common skills that I look in every individual before I make him/her a member of my team.

Critics might say that there are thousands of SEO professionals who get fantastic results on their website keyword checker software without any skills at all. However, having been in the online marketplace for around a decade now, I can tell you that succeeding in SEO without skills is a vicious cycle. In fact, it is a near impossibility!

So, your goal is to get results in your Google keyword checker that show you are getting top rankings in multiple search engines for every keyword you used, right? Well, below, I present some of the skills you and your SEO team should have for speedy achievement of your personal and business goals.

  1. Research skills
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Figure 1. Local SEO. (Source: https://www.poweredbysearch.com)

To record success in your website keyword checker software, research skills cannot be overlooked. Of course, you will need to look for words and phrases that customers use to search for information or products in your niche, and you cannot achieve this without doing thorough research.

I believe that apart from all the other skills that I will mention later on in this article, research is doubtlessly one of the most important. If you are poor in it, you will not get the most popular keywords to use in your content, and your Google keyword checker will record poor rankings.

Also, research skills are essential in competitor analysis. In SEO, you need to continually monitor your rivals, and devise strategies that will help you stay ahead of them. You need to research them in terms of the content they write, the keywords they use, how they use the keywords, their domain authority, URL structure, their linking strategy, site speed, and their entire website architecture. When you do this effectively, I can assure you that you will always get reports on your keyword checker online that show you are ranked on the first page of google search results.

Research, research, research! This is a skill that cannot be emphasized more. Apart from keyword and competitor research, keep looking for information that you believe will make you an SEO star, and set you ahead of your competition. When you finish reading this post, for example, there are tons of other helpful articles we have written in the past. Read and research on them, and who knows, your website keyword checker might show that you are at the helm of Google search results in no time.

  1. Persuasion skills

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Yes, as an SEO expert, you need to be a persuader. If you are not, how then will you convince readers to read your articles? How will you tell your internal teams and customers to do the right thing? The more persuasive you are, the higher your chances of recording the best results on your keyword checker online.

If I find out that you have this skill when carrying out my interviews, rest assured that you will get the job. With such a person in my team, I know that I will get a content development strategy that appeals to the readers’ emotions, which will, of course, attract readership. I know that this person will be able to talk to influencers, and I will undoubtedly get high-authority links for my sites and those belonging to my clients. Eventually, I will record desirable results in my website keyword checker software, and of course get a return on investment.

With persuasion skills, you will be able to identify your target market’s needs and develop content that fulfills them. By doing this, you will enhance your credibility and authority in your niche, and your Google keyword checker might show great ranking for a keyword, which may later result in traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

  1. Interpersonal skills

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Even if you develop evergreen content along with the trendiest keywords, your keyword checker online will not show that you are ranking high in Google for long if you do not develop long-lasting relationships with influencers and clients.

Developing mutually beneficial relationships demands excellent interpersonal skills. You need to be a people person. from my experience, very few introverts succeed in SEO, unless they are working with an extrovert!

Be a sociable individual. Develop a strong bond with your content, outreach, and link building, and customer service teams. Organize several in on-the-job and off-the-job training for your teams, and impart them with these skills. Remember, these are the people who will have direct contact with your networks. Therefore, when you arm them with these skills, recording success of every keyword you use on the website keyword checker will be the order of the day because clients will develop a sense of belonging to your brand; thus, they will tend to trust it.

Tip: Use your interpersonal skills to offer feedback to your clients!

Ever looked at the comment section in your website?

What about your social media pages, do you reply to the comments from your clients?

Most website owners are too busy to do this, or they simply ignore. If you are one of them, please know from today henceforth that you are losing credibility as a result, and your keyword checker online might show a drop in your rankings soon if you don’t change.

Use the interpersonal skills you and your team have gained to answer to as many comments as you can in your website and social media. Some big brands will provide feedback even for critique comments; hence spurring a conversation in their platforms and encouraging shares. This way, they gain a competitive edge in the market. If you want to get the best results in your website keyword checker software, why don’t you follow suit?


  1. Writing skills

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Figure 2: Why you need evergreen content. Source: https://econsultancy.com)

Even though you might delegate writing articles to your content development team, having writing skills as an SEO professional may go a long way in helping you get the best results in your website keyword checker.

Sometimes, you will need to write emails which your outreach specialists will use to reach to your influencers. Also, you might need to write case studies, POVs, writing decks, and sometimes writing the compelling content yourself!

If you want to be a great SEO specialist, I advise you to become a Jack of all trades. Yes, although you will not be doing everything by yourself, knowing how to do it doesn’t hurt!

Learn how to develop the best content that can record high rankings in your keyword checker online. Seek information that will help you come up with evergreen topics in which your content will be based.

Even if you have the best writers in your team, it is good practice always to ensure you go through the content they write, you that you can fact-check all the details provided in a bid to ensure you are providing your readers with the quality they deserve. This will ultimately result in results that show you are ranking high for all your keywords in the google keyword checker.

With writing skills, you will be able to identify the specific areas in your content where you will position your primary and secondary keywords. This way, every piece of content will sound natural, and if valuable, it might lure your target audience to share it; hence giving you the traffic you had not targeted earlier.

  1. Programming and technical skills

For a fact, I am sure this is one of the points in this article that will not be taken positively. Besides, most people who have made it in the field of SEO have no knowledge in programming at all! I don’t dispute this fact.

But look at it this way, when you come to me complaining that your website keyword checker is not giving you the best results, I will probably ask you to look at your server-side redirects, basic HTML tags, page speed, and microdata tagging.

These are recommendations that you can take to your developer, something that will cost you money. However, if you have technical and programming skills, you can do it yourself, or you can give the developer insights that you believe will help improve the rankings you are currently seeing on the google keyword checker.

Having a deep understanding of whatever your developer is doing to your site, and having your input in it can go a long way in hunting for great metrics in your website keyword checker from the word go.

Of course, I know that you are busy, and you might not know how to code. But one of the reasons why your keyword checker online is showing a significant drop in rankings is because there are small technical issues such as lazy loading that you can fix with basic programming skills.

Don’t just sit and wait for your development team to do everything for you. Gaining basic programming skills will make your life easier, not forgetting that it might help you fix some bugs fast, and your website keyword checker might record improved rankings in the long run.

  1. Analytics skills
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Figure 3: SEO analysis. (Source: https://habibisoft.com)

As an SEO professional, it pays more if you can log in to your SEO tool such as the Google keyword checker and draw the data you need.

Also, understanding the KPIs you need to measure for your SEO is essential, so that you don’t pull out metrics from your website keyword checker blindly.

Remember, if you don’t have the necessary analytics skills, you are missing tons of insights that could speed up the realization of your SEO goals and objectives.

Just like in any other field, SEO demands that you develop some skills, which could create an impact on the results you get from your website keyword checker. If you endeavor to gain them today and blend them perfectly with professionalism, be sure that everything else in your SEO strategy will follow, and success will, in the long run, be part of you.





Last modified: January 21, 2019



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