Do you have a start-up and quite wondering where to look for customers, how to keep them and at the same time make profits. Things have become easier for the folk starting a business. There is no longer need to scramble for space with other companies for a billboard: which you might lack space to fight for if you are a start-up. The answer is SEO. Website keyword ranking is one of the elements of SEO that could take your business where it needs to be in no time. SEO is very broad and not a topic that could be covered in a single day. It may be confusing, especially for beginners as there exists a bucket of misconceptions about SEO. However, one thing is for sure, SEO can work in so many ways to take your brand to the next level.

As a small business owner, you need to equip yourself with the following SEO tips to make it the next big thing.

  1. You will need a Google My Business account

You need to get good website keyword ranking for you to be able to reach a vast audience. Well, the thing is, that may not be possible if you lack a Google My Business account. You do not need to dig back into your pockets to have this activated. It is free of charge. All you will be needed to do is to upload the details of your business. Why is it important? The account will allow you to be visible in local searches. Local searches are something that will give you great feedback when you check your keyword ranking.

  1. Create a mobile responsive site
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The world is going mobile. About 60 percent of Google searches today originate from mobile devices. What does that tell you? There is so much that is going on online that you may not be aware of. For instance, you can check keyword ranking online. Focus back to your website; you should consider putting in some more work to create a website for mobile. This is because most of your customers will be searching for your business on their mobile devices as they commute to work or during their lunch breaks. A non-responsive website will give them the worst experience. It is something that will manifest as you check website keyword ranking. Do not wait until things fall apart for you to realize that your well-researched keywords are no longer working in your favor.

  1. Keyword research

Talking about keyword research, is it that necessary? The truth is, it is: that is if you want to get traffic flowing to your website through website keyword ranking. You need to conduct keyword research. You cannot afford to ignore its importance in SEO. Why is it so critical? Well, by conducting keyword research you will be able to know the keywords that your competitors are ranking well for. Such knowledge will help you in deciding which keywords to use for website keyword ranking. You would love to check keyword ranking online and see that you are beating your competitors at their own game: this would be the best way to go about it.

  1. Google Search Console
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If you want to check your keyword ranking and smile all the way, you need to use Google Search Console. Of what importance is it? First of all, it is important for you to know that it is a tool that allows you to check how your website is doing, and that includes to check website keyword ranking. You have no excuse not to use the tool as it comes at no extra cost. You will be kept posted on the keywords that your website is ranking for, errors in your site and other issues in your website that need your attention. The advantage of the tool is it allows for you to make an improvement on your website which gives it a better chance to rank well.

  1. Understand your audience

You cannot possibly be able to serve your audience well if you have no idea of what their needs are. Just like keyword research for website keyword ranking, you need to understand your audience first to be able to give them what they are looking for. Where to start? You first need to identify your audience online behavior. At what time do they most engage? That should tell you when you should maximize on your posts. Everyone wants to check keyword ranking online and find that they are on top of the game. For you to get there, you need to know the keywords that your audience makes entries of and work with that. Also, do not spread yourself too thin. Especially when it comes to selecting the social media platforms to engage your audience on. You might be tempted to be present on all the platforms, but it would not be the best move. It is better if you identify the platform that your audience prefers and dedicate your efforts to it. Lack of knowledge of your audience will lead to a lot of wasted time.

  1. Ask for a physical address from Google maps

If you have a physical presence for your business, it is about time you claimed your address from Google maps. Why? An interested client might spot you thanks to website keyword ranking and want to visit your store. Make their job easier by providing an address. If you check keyword ranking online, you will also notice that some of them have been used on images, what does that tell you? If you are not working with the images too, you need to start as soon as now.

  1. How do search engines display search results


This is mostly regarding your industry. If you check keyword ranking online, you may notice that a certain keyword is doing well in the ranks. But the question is, how many websites are using that keyword. It is why the point is emphasized. If the search engine is ranking websites in your niche using a certain keyword, then you need to redo your strategy.  Check website keyword ranking and identify the keywords that are most used by the big competitors and avoid them.

  1. Authenticity

This is not debatable. You can start with the keywords. Check website keyword ranking and see which keywords have been used most. You will realize that certain keywords are used by most of the business in your niche. What does this tell you? You should avoid using these keywords. Why? You will compete with so many businesses to draw traffic for those keywords. However, it does not mean that the keywords are not worth applying. You can get creative and improve on them. Also using fresh keywords will keep you at no competition with anyone in your niche. Give it a try, and you will find that you are the only website ranking for the keyword.

The focus on authenticity is not only focused on keywords. Website keyword ranking is of importance, yes, but also remember that your site gets to rank for other things too like steady traffic, link building and so on. Genuine content will make your website worth the audience while.

  1. Post regularly

You need to post regularly to keep your audience entertained and engaged. Failure to do so will only make them forget that you exist in the first place. Also posting regularly is a chance for you to maximize on your keywords and so on. Who doesn’t need website keyword ranking? It is a boost for the general ranking. Post images, use keywords for the captions and at the end of the day, check your keyword ranking and you will be very impressed. Posting regularly also sends a message of reliability to your audience.

  1. Stay updated

The SEO world is very dynamic. For you to make the most out of it, you need to keep up with speed. Get your hands on the latest news and trends. Stay on the radar regarding keywords that are mostly for website keyword ranking. Know what your competitors are doing. Learn of any changes that might have taken place in Google’s ranking algorithm and so on. Also, as earlier mentioned Google Search Console would come in handy on this.



  1. Content is king

Again, content is everything. You need content for you to rank. For instance, content gives you the opportunity to make use of keywords. What happens next? You check keyword ranking online and find that you are short. The first thing you will do is make adjustments in your content and make more use of keywords. It is essential also to note that content is not only limited to the use of texts. Images, videos, and Infographics are an asset too. And the beauty of it is that you will not only be able to draw more attention from your audience but also get to use keywords for the visuals. What is better than more traffic and good news when you check your keyword ranking?

Creating meaningful content is not only an advantage for you when you check website keyword ranking, but also a window for you to interact with the audience and tell them about your product and services. Provided you create the content that your audience is anticipating, you use the right keywords and make your content engaging, you will be able to benefit from website keyword ranking and also maintain a steady flow of traffic to your site. Ensure that your content is evergreen, which includes your keywords. Put it to the test and check keyword ranking online and you shall for sure get results.

  1. Do not overdo keywords

The use of keywords has been emphasized in this article. You want to check website keyword ranking and find that your site is doing well in that sector. But, remember that keywords will only do so much for you. If you check your keyword ranking and carefully analyze that, you will find that you are ranking for the use of relevant keywords. It tells a lot. Keyword stuffing is a waste of time. Google’s ranking algorithm has changed over time, and long gone are the days that keyword density was the focus. Today you will only rank if the keywords are being useful to the users.

As a small business owner, you might find it challenging to get your way around SEO. However, with practice and commitment, it only gets easier by day. The twelve tips mentioned above will give you a great start. As aforementioned, in SEO, things change at a rather fast pace. It is therefore important for you to keep up with the pace and watch out for new trends. There will be many opportunities for you embedded that you will need to tap.








Last modified: January 21, 2019



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