You have decided to fully concentrate on SEO, so that you can get free traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other dominant search engines. You are so confident that you will get the best rankings in all the search engines you target such that you have invested in the best website ranking checker and keywords ranking checker online. You take your keyword research tool, find a few words that have a high search volume, and you proceed to write content!

However, after several months of waiting, your site keyword ranking checker shows that you are not anywhere near the first page of google search results.

Since you have been told that SEO is a waiting game, you practice patience and wait. Six months pass, then a year, a year and a half…and your website ranking checker still shows you are not among the top in Google rankings. This is when you decide to ask yourself a host of questions: what is wrong with my SEO strategy? Does this mean that I need to refurbish my entire SEO strategy? Is my site keyword ranking checker defective?

But I know what is ailing your site, you are not doing the right thing, and Google is penalizing you for it!

How hard is it to break onto the first page?

You are in your second year now, and your website ranking checker has never given you metrics that show you ate on the first page of google. You might be on the second or third page by now, but you know the first five sites in google search gets the most clicks. You have the zeal to get to the top, but something is holding your down.

I have been in the SEO field for close to two decades now, and I understand what is happening to your site. You might be making the following mistakes, and avoiding them will be one of the surest ways to ensuring your keywords ranking checker online gives you the top-ranking metrics you have been dreaming about since your website went live.

  1. You don’t have a plan!
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Yes, the reason why the site keyword ranking checker is showing that your rivals are way ahead of you is because you started your SEO without a plan.

SEO is like a journey. You don’t just wake up and decide that you will go on a safari to another part of the world. You need to make the necessary preparations so that you can ensure a smooth stay on your vacation. In SEO, you must develop a good plan so that you can ensure you record high rankings in your website ranking checker for a long time.

When I started on SEO as part of my digital marketing strategy, I thought that all I had to do is search for keywords, write content, get a few links here and there, and wait for the magic.

But I realized I was wrong when my keywords ranking checker online I had acquired from Serpbook showed me that I was on the fifth page of google, despite the efforts and resources I had pumped into the campaign for about six months.

Upon doing some research and asking a few experts, I discovered the mistake I had made, I had invested in great tools like the google Serp checker, but I had not developed a strategy that would help me draw better analytic reports from it.

Remember, the best SEO strategy is one that is audience-centered. Therefore, identify the needs of your audience, and come up with a plan that will perfectly fulfill those needs. Doing this will enhance your authority and relevance in google, and in no time, you will realize your SEO dreams.

  1. Duplicate content

I have come across some sites and blogs that tell people that duplicate content will not get you penalized.

But look…

If the information you are writing is already indexed by the search engine, then it will not index your webpage again because it has nothing new to offer.

To ensue you are getting smile-inducing metrics in your site keyword ranking checker, it is vital to come up with a content development plan which encompasses writing unique and original articles for all your webpages.

Even if you have 1,000 product pages in your site, your keywords ranking checker online will not record high rankings for all keywords until you write unique content, page titles and descriptions for every page.

But if you feel that duplicate content is highly valuable and worth sharing without changing a word, publish it, but check the ‘no index, no follow tab’ so that it cannot adversely affect your SEO.

  1. Keyword stuffing

This is one of the biggest mistakes that cost me high rankings when I launched my first website.

I remember I used to make sure that one of my focus keywords was in almost every sentence. Within a few days, my website ranking checker showed that I was at the helm of Google search results. But this glory didn’t last for long. In about a week or so, my rankings dropped significantly. I discovered that readers got bored with the content because keywords did not appear naturally. This led to high bounce rates, and this is why I never took delight in high rankings for long.

Keyword stuffing will not only put off your readers, but it will also make the search engine angry! Look at the image below:

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Would you enjoy reading such content? Certainly not!

If google detects keyword stuffing, it will believe that you are trying to trick its algorithms; thus you will be slapped with the lowest rankings you have ever recorded in your website ranking checker.

For your keywords ranking checker online to show that you are ranking for all the keywords you use, mention your focus keyword in the title, description, the opening paragraph, and a number of times in your content. Make sure that the terms sound natural so that the search engine and your readers can find value in the content.

You can also use a host of keyword research tools such as Serpbook to come up with popular phrases that sound natural so that you can use them as many times as you can without negatively affecting your SEO. The reason why I have mentioned Serpbook is because this tool is affordable, and tags along useful features such as the site keyword ranking checker which you can use to continuously monitor your keywords.

  1. Spamming your site with links

There is no doubt that building links is one factor that can help you record great rankings in your website ranking checker. But look – we said that nothing in SEO comes easy, right? Therefore, if you have been picking links from anywhere across the internet thinking that you are doing the best for your site, you are actually hurting all your efforts.

If you use lots of low-quality links, the google algorithm will treat your site as spam, and it will believe that you are trying to use shortcuts to get top rankings/. This might cost you low rankings, not forgetting that it has the potential to have the site you have worked hard to set up deindexed and suspended.

When doing your link building, ensure that you get quality links for the content. This will not only help you get top-ranking results in your keywords ranking checker online, but it will also enhance the online authority, relevance, and credibility of your site.

  1. You have too many ads on your site
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You have the best content, quality links, wonderful link structure, but your website ranking checker keeps showing that you are not on top of google rankings. Do you know why? You have very many ads on your site which put off your readers.

Ads are an excellent way to earn an extra buck from your site, but look, how would you feel if you were reading critical information, but ads keep on popping up and interrupting you? Would you stay in such a site? Probably not!

In case you have very many ads in the upper part of the page, there are high chances that your rank tracking tool will record high bounce rates. This is because the ads will discourage readers from spending a lot of time on your content, and they will prefer going back to the search results and look for a site with fewer interruptions.

If your website ranking checker has recorded a significant drop in rankings over the past few days, consider checking whether you have fallen on the wrong side of Google’s page layout algorithm.

  1. Your site is super slow!

Have you optimized the speed of your site? If not, then this could be one of the reasons why you are recording low rankings in the website ranking checker.

Online users hate slow sites. I know you do! Therefore, if your site takes more than three seconds to load, you have to do something about it, or else your rivals will always be ahead of you.

Before you launch your site, test its speed in different devices, and if it is slow in any one of them, work with your IT team to ensure the problem is fixed. If you don’t, you will be engaging in bad SEO practice.

You can opt to change your hosting provider, or have your site in an ultra-modern software such as WordPress which can give you insights and help you build fast websites that may result in business success.

  1. You are not using Google webmaster tools

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Yes, if you have a website and you are too drunk with paid SEO tools such that you have forgotten Google webmaster tools, this could be one of the reasons why you are recording very low rankings when you monitor your site with the website ranking checker.

Google developed Google Webmaster tools so that webmasters could communicate easily. There are lots of benefits you can get from using these tools, not forgetting that you can get updated insights that can help you a big deal in understanding SEO, and modern ways that can get you to the top of Google rankings.

You can use google webmaster tools to check duplicate titles, bad links, crawl errors, duplicate descriptions, and a lot more.

  1. You are not optimized for local SEO

Are you run a business that focuses on a target audience within a particular region or city, it is essential to optimize for local SEO. If you don’t, then be ready to record low rankings when you monitor your site with the website ranking checker.

To optimize your site for local SEO, use regional keywords in your page titles and descriptions. Also, include a local address and phone number on all pages. Finally, list yourself ion Google places, Yelp, Foursquare, and a host of other review networks and local-based sites.

Not recording the metrics you that show you are on the right track in the website ranking checker? You might be performing any of the above mistakes. Rectify them, and you shall record success in no time.



Last modified: November 18, 2018



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