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In case you are starting your business, you probably don’t have a lot of resources to invest in SEO. Additionally, you have to run other elements in your business; hence you cannot give SEO all the attention it deserves. But the reason why you are stressed is; you value SEO very much, and you still want to get the best website ranking Google reports.

There is no doubt that when you look at your Google site ranking software, you want to see metrics that show your site is doing well in this dominant search engine, and that your target audience is responding positively to your content strategy. This is the joy of every website owner. But you cannot compete with your already established rivals if you don’t have the knowledge!

I always tell my clients that I kick-started my SEO journey on a very tight budget. I used to do everything myself, and still run my business. I had minimal resources to spend, and the only thing I purchased was a few SEO tools, which included a excellent Google site ranking software, and a popular keyword research tool.

This didn’t deter me from getting the best google site rankings, and today, I am one of the most celebrated SEO professional in the modern market.

I am not trying to brag, but all I am trying to do is to help you understand that information is power. Regardless of how stack you are in SEO, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars as consultation fee. All you need to do is know how to use the internet to get information, and I can assure you will get resources that can positively influence the website ranking Google reports you to derive from your Google site ranking software.

But you should not bestow your trust in all the information you get online!

As I always say, the sites and blogs you find on the internet were not made equal. There are some that are better than others, and those are the ones you should rely on if your goal is to always dray website ranking Google reports that shoe you are at the helm of Google search results.

About a decade ago when I started off, I used to search for tips and tricks that could get the top Google site ranking without getting my hands dirty. The internet is very generous I got all the information I needed, and I used it to execute my mission. The tricks gave me the results I needed. I used to smile whenever I monitored my site with a host of google rank trackers since I was getting the best website ranking Google reports.

But not for long…

After a few days of celebrating success, Google’s algorithm was updated, and my black hat SEO strategies were discovered. I was slapped with the lowest Google rankings, and at some point, I lost the site I had worked really hard to set up.

What am trying to say is that whenever you are looking for information that will help you execute a legal SEO strategy easily, you need to get it from credible sources, and the all the credibility you are looking for is right here on this blog!

This is where all SEO issues are solved, and all solutions are geared towards helping you draw the website ranking Google reports you have always wished for in the Google site ranking software.

That said, you have probably been looking for SEO hacks, but all you have been getting are some fishy tricks that are capable of landing you into loggerheads with the Google algorithm. Luckily, you have come to the right place. Below are some hacks that can help you get the best website ranking Google reports when you monitor your site with the Google site ranking software.

  1. Create relationships

Even if you are an introvert and you love keeping things to yourself, you need to know that your ranking tracker will not give you the website ranking Google metrics that are in line with your SEO goals if you don’t develop relationships.

Well, in this case, I am not talking about social relationships. I am talking about mutually beneficial relationships that can help you speed up the achievements of your SEO and business goals. I am talking about individuals who will give you guest posting opportunities, and help you reach a wider audience through link building.

Sometimes, you will be forced to spend a considerable amount of money to get links, but don’t worry, this is an SEO hack that will yield results in no time, and give you return on investment as well as value for money.

But as you go about building links, keep in mind that Google will punish you if you spam your content with useless sites that have no authority at all. For this reason, only find high-authority sites that will have a positive impact on your overall rankings.

  1. Find out the questions people are asking about a particular subject during keyword research

As you research your keywords, don’t focus a lot on getting the most popular words and phrases that will help your prospects find your content. Instead, also focus on finding out the questions that people are asking about the subject you want to write about. This will help you uncover the needs of your target market, and devise a strategy that is geared towards fulfilling them.

The reason why some sites are better than others is that they provide value to their audiences. To keep up with competition, ensure that your content is increasingly helpful, and can be used by readers as a reference when need be. This will go a long mile in giving you the website ranking google metrics you have wished to see in the search engine rank tracking tool.

  1. Don’t ignore your competitors
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If at all you want to get ahead of your competition, including those who have established their brands for a long time, then you cannot overlook them. You cannot assume that everyone has their unique strategies, and proceed to hastily implement yours.

In the online world, any site in your niche that ranks better than yours is a threat, and you should whatever you can to neutralize it. If you don’t, the rivals will make sure you close down your business, since they will try all means to bring your down.

There are many tools you can use to analyze your competitor’s tactics, unearth their content plans, understand the keywords and phrases they are using to stay ahead of you, and dig deeper into their site architecture. I recommend that you go for Serpbook, which is currently the best SEO tool in the market. This tools will help you thoroughly analyze your competitors, and even give you some insights on unique things you can do, and some terms and phrases you can use to gain a competitive edge and maintain a strong online reputation.

  1. Develop evergreen content

Good content is excellent, but if you want to enjoy the sweet fruits that come in handy with a good SEO strategy, endeavor to write timeless content.

This is content that will help you get a smile-inducing website ranking google metrics for a very long time. When writing this kind of content, do in-depth research and come up with topics that you believe will not get out of fashion anytime soon. Also, keep your audience in mind, and develop subjects that will continuously fulfill their needs. This kind of content will stand the test of time, and the success you will draw from it is immeasurable.

  1. Increase your click-through rate
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Another hack that can help you get website ranking google metrics that show you are ranking high on Google and other search engines is increasing your click-through rates. CTR doesn’t only reveal the relevance of your site, but it also tells the search engine that ranked you that your content deserves the rank.

There are many ways in which you can increase your click-through rates, including writing a great description for every page and enhancing the speed of your site. You can also look for more information online, and put into action the tips you get from high-authority sites and blogs.

  1. Never underestimate YouTube

In case you want to increase user engagement and get website ranking Google metrics that show increased organic traffic, you cannot ignore the power of YouTube.

Come up with quality videos that complement your content and embed them in your content. Ensure that you write a description, tags, and titles for all your videos so that Google can easily find them and understand what they are all about. Then, make use of your YouTube rank checker to see how your videos are doing, and an SEO rank tracking tool to monitor your website.

  1. Don’t ignore other search engines

It is true that Google is the largest search engines, and has the largest market share. But even the other search engines have users, and there could be a section of your target audience using them. Therefore, don’t ignore search engines such as Bing. Look for information ranking factors that can help you record great results in the Bing rank tracker, and write content that will result in maximum success. The bottom line is, don’t just depend on Google to get a great website ranking google results. Consider other search engines so that you can achieve all-rounded SEO success.

  1. Use Google+ than any other social media

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Although Facebook and Twitter remain some of the largest social media sites, research has revealed that Google+ has an ace up the sleeve. When you share content on this social media platform, it will be seen by people in your network!

Build a following on this platform, and consistently share information and engage with other users. However, be careful not to overshare information, because just like in other social media networks, subscribers will certainly leave if they notice that you are spamming them with lots of content.

  1. Take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Today, millions of people across the world are using mobile devices to access the internet. This means that a large percentage of your target audience will use their smartphones to access your site. This means one thing – if you don’t optimize your site for mobile, you will lose it all. You will get a very poor website ranking google reports which will show your SEO strategy is heading in the wrong direction.

According to research, 56% of traffic to top sites is credited to mobile devices. This means that if you take advantage of AMP, you will increase your site’s efficiency, enhance unbeatable user experience, and most importantly, increase your chances of getting optimum SEO success.

There you have it! The above hacks are not those that ask you to trick Google, but rather those that conform to laid out SEO rules, and can help you get the website ranking google metrics you want to see for your site. Make use of them, and you will find your site among the #top5 in Google in no time.


Last modified: April 20, 2019



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