As a small business owner, you probably don’t have enough resources to hire someone to handle your website. You are therefore your own blogger, web designer, and webmaster. You know that your website is like a marketing expert who never sleeps; thus your desire is to get it to the top of Google search results and have it bring the best analytic reports every time you monitor it with Google website rankings checker.

In some cases, DIY website hacks don’t work, and if you try them, your website rankings checker online tool might show that you are not even on the fifth page of Google despite lots of sleepless nights and toiling.

People will try to pull you down by telling you that managing a website should be left in the hands of an expert, and if you are not succeeding in SEO, you might be tempted to back down and concentrate on other digital marketing methods.

But today, up to 90% of your prospective clients can only find your business through search. For this reason, if you don’t have a well-optimised site that is ranked well by Google and other search engines, it is time you sat down and created a well-executable SEO strategy and even if you are not an expert in SEO, know that most people who have established themselves as authoritative online brands don’t know how to code. You can make it as long as you believe in yourself.

I always tell people who come to me for SEO consultancy services that I record metrics that show my sites enjoy high rankings in my free website rankings checker, and the funny bit is that I have never sought professional help as far as SEO is concerned. I do everything myself!

Look – I am an SEO expert, but most of my knowledge is self-learned. Simply put, I am a self-made guru. You can become one too. If your dream has been to improve your site in a few minutes and get the rankings you have always wished for in your Google website rankings checker, below are some of the ways that will work best for you.

  1. Improve the speed of your site
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Speed is one of the top ranking factors that Google uses to rank website.

If your site takes forever to load, it doesn’t matter whether you have the best content on the internet. Your free website ranking checker will record high bounce rates, which will eventually affect your overall rankings.

No one wants to spend minutes waiting for a site to load whereas there are hundreds of other sites with the same information in search results.

In case your site takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, you have an answer as to why the Google website rankings checker has recorded a significant drop in rankings over the past few days.

I know you are also put off by sites that cannot give you the information you need in the shortest time possible. Therefore, why don’t you give your audience the best user-experience by testing the speed of your site, and fixing any issue that might be causing the sluggishness?

Luckily for you, Google has a great tool known as Google PageSpeed Insights that can help you determine the speed of your site, and the issues that are slowing it down. If you find that the speed score of your site is less than 65%, consider the recommendations you get from the tool to fix any bugs. Optimizing the size of your images could also help solve the menace.

Remember, recording great rankings in the keyword ranker. Nothing can help you achieve this better than providing quality content in a speedy site. Therefore, optimize the speed of your website, and SEO success will eventually come your way.

  1. Improve your page title and Meta description

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In case you have a page which shows low click-through rate when you check it with your website rankings checker online tool, you can give it more visibility and credibility by improving its page title and Meta description.

As a novice in the field of SEO, I never believed that Meta descriptions and page titles could have an impact on my SEO. But after through research and talking to some experts in the field in various forums, I realized that they were very crucial. They might not be ranking factors, but we cannot shun away from the fact that they introduce your content to the audience even before they open it. They can potentially increase the organic traffic of your site!

If you can improve these two elements and get more people to click on your link, you will go a long mile in improving the page’s lick-through rate, and in no time, your Google website rankings checker might record improved rankings.

  1. Add a testimonial

This is a secret that no one will tell you about: if you want your website rankings checker online to record high rankings for your site in Google and other dominant search engines, include testimonials with headshots in your site because they are highly effective social proof.

I have included many of them, in my sites and those belonging to my clients, and I can tell you with confidence that it is a legal trick that works magic.

When clients are looking for products or services online, they do it with a mind that they can easily get scammed in the uncontrolled online business atmosphere. Therefore, to find a trustworthy and credible site, a majority of them tend to look at what others are saying about a certain brand.

In case you have a testimonial in your email that you received after clearing with a previous client, treat it as a goldmine that can positively impact the analytic reports you get from your Google website rankings checker.

But you don’t have to depend on that one testimonial you have. You can get many of them by asking  to give them to you!

Testimonials eliminate fear in clients who might think that there is a possibility that your business might not be legit.

However, remember that you cannot include testimonials anywhere within the site and expect to get improved ranking reports in the ranking checker. No! to get the best out of it, include them in the sales pages. Place them strategically next to the claims you want to proof. Also, keep in mind that not all sites need a testimonial. First study your audience and determine whether they will expect to see it in your site before proceeding with this amazing trick.

  1. Optimize your images

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If you have been reading SEO tips and tricks I have written severally in this blog, you might have noticed by now that content containing images sells more than plain text. Therefore, using high-quality images should be at the helm of your SEO strategy.

But look….an image will add zero SEO value to your content if you don’t optimize it!

Remember, Google cannot view your images, but it can read text! Therefore, never leave the alt tags empty. Use your focus keyword as the title of your image, and also include it as an alt tag.

Optimizing images is not always about making them discoverable by Google. In most cases, optimizing them could mean enhancing the speed of your site.

If your free website rankings checker shows that organic traffic in your website has significantly reduced and bounce rates have increased, know from the outset that there might be an underlying issue speed that needs to be addressed ASAP.

As mentioned earlier, you can rely on Google PageSpeed Insights to determine and fix speed problems, but don’t over rely on the information this tool gives you before you replace your images with their optimized versions.

  1. Proofread old posts

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If you wrote what you believe to be the most accurate and interesting content on the internet, but your website rankings checker shows that you are not in the first page of Google several months later, there is an issue that is putting your prospects off. And it could be some silly grammatical errors.

By proofreading, you not only find some errors that you can fix to make your content better, but you also;

Discover a better way to phrase things so that you can make your content more interesting

In case you have found new information that you believe might make the content more informative and factual, you can add it during proofreading.

Proofreading your older posts helps you fit in the shoes of your readers and determine the experience they are getting from your work. This will also give you the morale to continue providing quality for your audience.

  1. Boost the readability of your content

Improving the readability of your site is another way you can use to get better ranking reports in your free website rankings checker.

Online users hate reading a long post that has no breaks in between regardless of its value. Therefore, add the following small, yet critical things you had ignored;

  • Subheadings
  • Short paragraphs
  • Short sentences
  • Bullet points

When you consider above when writing your content, you will go a long mile in making it more understandable and appealing.

  1. Embed a share button in your content

Many website owners tend to ignore social media share buttons because they see no value in them. What they do not know is that these elements can help increase the trust and credibility of a site by increasing content engagement and enhancing the social presence of a brand.

If your users find your content useful and valuable, they might be interested in sharing it with their friends. Including a Facebook or twitter button will help them do this, and in return, your Google website rankings checker will record more traffic than you had earlier anticipated.

Embedding share buttons in your site takes less than five minutes, and can go a long way in giving you’re the ranking reports you have always dreamed to see in your website ranking checker for a long time.

  1. Read the comment section and reply where possible

There is a possibility that you have a comment section in the content pages of your site. How often do you read them? Probably never!

This is one of the biggest mistakes you are making.

If you want your audiences to bestow their trust in you, engage with them wherever possible. Read the comment section, and reply where possible. Reply to queries, and appreciate any positive feedback. You can also use this platform to encourage your readers to share the content.

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If you have been getting disheartening metrics when you monitor your site with your website rankings checker online, the above ways might help change the situation and help swim in the pool of SEO success. Re-read this post, act, and let’s meet at the top of Google SERPs!











Last modified: January 13, 2019



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