Running an SEO agency is in itself a challenging thing, leave alone growing it to 7 digits. That is not to say that it is impossible. The first question that beats most website owners is that of, what is my SERP? In indeed your agency can figure out a way to become a solution to people’s SERP concerns, then getting to 7 figures is not impossible.

However, you must anticipate many hurdles along the way, especially given that the market is very competitive nowadays. Even for SEO agencies, ‘what is my SERP’ remains a question they ask themselves because you must also rank in the top of SERP if you want your agency to grow. It is worse to think of the kind of competition you have faced, knowing that someone could get to Google and type, amazing SEO agencies, getting access to various SEO services at a cost lower than yours. Since you want to stand out from the entire crowd, be sure to answer the question of ‘what is my SERP?’, and then, take up the following tips to grow your business to 7 figures:

Start local

what is my serp

Figure 1 local vs. global

A lot of people concerned over what is my SERP and growing their business get intertwined in global SEO more than they do on local SEO. While the internet has unified people from all over the world, they are not all your target audience. For one, understand that other international brands are still targeting their local markets. This means that as you are totally sold out on reaching the global audience, you are missing out on your own.

Website owners in your local region also ask the question ‘what is my SERP?’ If you are not there to address these needs, how else do you expect to grow your business? The best thing about local SEO is that it is a lot convenient for clients to access your SEO agency. This means that you will have more cases to address matters of where is my SEO, more than you would with global SEO. Remember that reaching out to the global audience also demands more in terms of resources, new working relationships, a portfolio of case studies, to mention a few. Before you get overly concerned about such matters, handle your local audience to the best of your ability. Make sure they are aware that you can resolve all issues regarding what is my SERP.

Have a specific niche

SEO agencies may think they are doing great, but as long as they are generic about their services, it is pretty difficult to get to the 7-figure mark. Businesses need to keep growing, but they cannot do so if they are stretched out too thin. Ideally, you may be good in SEO, but if you do not have a specified niche, it means you have to do a lot of research for different clients, and sometimes this could be at the same time. As you stretch yourself too much, you may not be best placed in addressing all of their ‘what is my SERP’ issues.

SEP practices like keyword research, content generation, and audience engagement require a certain specialization so that you can properly understand what the requirements of the industry are. Further, people are more likely to distrust your brand if you are not specific to the services you provide. Technically, why would anyone consider your general agency for their SEO when tons of SEOs have specialized in their industry? Take the risk and invest in just one sector, with a proper understanding of how to fix all ‘what is my SERP’ questions that would arise thereof.

Build your networks

what is my serp

Figure 2 networking

As a business seeking growth, especially in the area of SEO, it is never enough the networks you have built. Through your networks, you will meet people that understand more about ‘what is my SERP’ than you ever did. You further find new avenues to practice some of the fundamental aspects of SEO, for example, guest blogging, link-building, partnerships, to mention a few.

The other big concern with SEO agencies networking is the fact that this kind of business thrives on referrals. Once you have done great by one website owners, it is easy for them to reach out to another business owner concerned over ‘what is my SERP,’ growing your agency one client at a time. In a more profound sense, since SEO is an online affair, try taking your networking efforts to the offline world, considering it as a source of potential new revenue. The good news is that networking will help a lot with your local SEO, given that numerous local networking groups can boost your visibility as a brand, not to mention, grant you more customers.

Go where the party is

what is my serp

Figure 3 Go where people are

SEO agencies are yet to get this right. Even with a killer website and a compact portfolio, you cannot get your agency to the 7-figure mark by waiting on your clients. Most SEO agencies rely on SEO as a way to reach out to their audiences. While this technique always works, it would take years for you to grow your business to 7 figures with this technique. Instead of sitting around and waiting for your target audience to find you through social media and your website, do something extra.

The most important thing for SEOs with agencies to do is to attend events and forums relevant to their niche industry. The idea here is that there are so many people that your website and online campaigns have not reached that would otherwise be interested. Since other business owners are busy making money, it would be of help if you took your services to them. Further, remember that in business operation, customers may not always know what they want, until you show them that they do. At the different events, take time to know people and be known by them. These relationships are how you get started on the upward trail of resolving the question of what is my SERP.

In fact, do not be afraid of taking it a little bit further by speaking in those events. As a speaker, you exude more authority in your field, and this makes people trust you a lot better in handling their SEO. You can even decide to be the one throwing the party, and perhaps, partner with a couple of companies of two.

Write a blog

You cannot simply rely on your website as the channel to which your clients get to your site. As an SEO agency, let people know your brand in the way you consistently blog about SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and content marketing. At this point, the more people get to interact with your material, the more they get to ask themselves about what is my SERP, and that’s when they start needing your services.

The beauty with blogging is that you create a consistent track record of quality content that features on the first page of search engines. This way, any client concerned over what is my SERP, can trust your agency as a solution to their need. Further, people online value sites and brands that have enjoyable material to share. Since there is a lot you can blog about in SEO, make this an avenue to bring more traffic on your site, as you also aim to rank on top of Google searches.

Break down your services

When a client asks you ‘what is my SERP?’ there are a ton of responses you can give them as long as they are related to SEO. That right there is the danger of being all too general with your packaging. When you want to handle people’s SEO, you will earn a lot more per client, if you break down your services.

Ideally, the 7-figure mark is one that requires you to tap from each client as much as possible. This, therefore, means that you have to find ways in which you earn more revenue from one client before you consider what the other is bringing in. For the most part, to remain genuine and credible, do not overprice your services. You want to make a lot of money, but you have to do it without making the clients feel like they are paying so much for just one service.

what is my serp

Figure 4 Break down your services

Therefore, break down your package into various SEO services. For example, instead of saying that you will handle their site’s SEO and solve their ‘what is my SERP?’ concern, offer them the following:

  1. Content marketing/ blogging
  2. Social media management
  • Technical SEO
  1. Website design
  2. Graphic design
  3. Video content SEO
  • Link-building
  • Keyword research etc.

When someone has to pay for the different services, you will soon find that you have more customers, more money, and more effectiveness and ROI when it comes to measuring the success of all the SEO efforts. The best thing about this technique is that you can get a competitive advantage over your competitors by pricing your services a little bit lower than theirs, and still earn more money than them.

Keep your clients

There is a certain pride that overwhelms most business owners the moment they acquire a new customer. While this feeling could be an indicator that you are doing great in business, don’t get caught up in it. The problem with new customers is that they will all come concerned about, ‘what is my SERP?’ Every time this comes up, you have to start practicing SEO for them from scratch. The issue is that once they feel like they have an answer to their question, they will not need your services anymore.

However, as an SEO agency seeking to grow to 7 figures, you have to stop obsessing about getting new customers and concentrate more on retaining the ones you already have. For one, you have bypassed the little concern of what is my SERP, and now you can focus on optimizing a site to its full capability. Treat your clients like royalty. Let them know that you value their efforts to build a sustainable company.

As a matter of fact, make an effort to celebrate both small and big wins. Let your clients know that you are making positive progress as regards what is my SERP. Ideally, your best strategy should be to dictate 75% of your time delivering the best results, and the rest of it managing your relationships with them as you market your business. Notice that with time, your agency will become the go-to platform for all of ‘what is my SERP’ questions from website owners.

Throw in some freebies

If you want to be the guru SEO agency for addressing ‘what is my SERP’ concerns, consider giving something away to your clients. Much as giving things for free doesn’t seem like it would help you build a multi-million dollar SEO agency, it will. The advantage of throwing in some freebies to your clients is that it becomes a nice way of enticing potential customers to try out your services. Further, it earns trust from your customers, making them feel like you have such good deals, and hence, they end up spending more money on your services.

Last modified: March 2, 2019



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