Yahoo rank tracker or any other standard tool helps you to determine your overall SEO performance. However, these tools can be useful only if your site already appears in organic search results. At times, some websites do not appear in online search results. If you are facing such a problem, then you cannot make the best from any rank tracker tools. You need first to resolve the issue before you use Yahoo rank tracker to determine your online search performance, for example. Here are some of the most common reasons for your site not ranking on any of the leading search engines. There are also some tips on how you can resolve the problem quite fast.

  1. Your site is not indexed.

All the leading search engines in the world have very powerful spiders that crawl the web endlessly. If, for example, you launch a brand-new website today, some of the big search engines in the world will not realise it. However, after a few weeks, your site will start appearing in search results. The spiders would have found out that you exist, crawled your site and indexed your pages among the billions that are already in store.

Therefore, you need to first check whether your site is indexed if you do not see it when using Yahoo rank tracker. The best way of checking on whether your website is indexed is by typing the address without including the ‘www’ prefix and the ‘/’ suffix. If your site is indexed correctly, then it will automatically appear as the top among your search results. However, if it is not indexed, then you will not see it.

If your site is not indexed, you can submit it to the leading search engines for the process to be complete. Usually, it takes a few days for them to respond and include your site among the others. It is only after this process is complete that your site will appear in organic search results.

  1. The level of competition in our industry is intense

Let me explain how this works by using an example. If you develop a site today that I intend to use to sell digital marketing services for small businesses in the US, then it is apparent that I shall have to compete with huge companies that are already operating in the industry.

Besides, there are hundreds of companies that operate in the US and provide this similar service. If my site goes live and I make sure that all the leading search engines have indexed it, it may not still appear in common results. Moreover, I shall not be able to use standard tools like Yahoo search engine tracker to identify its performance.

The reason for this is simple if you search online for, ‘Digital Marketing Services’ you will get millions of results. Luckily, your search engine will not display a few results that appear most relevant to your search query.

However, what does this result tell you? It shows that the competition in that industry is so intense that new firms do not stand a chance to rank in organic searches. Moreover, many other SMEs and large firms burn millions of dollars in marketing their services online.

Therefore, you may not appear in search results because you are not any different from the millions of firms that operate in your niche.

To overcome this problem, you must differentiate your company, products, or both. You may, for example, focus on providing digital marketing services to companies in the hospitality industry. This way, you would have established your niche and reduced the level of competition that you face in your marketing efforts.

  1. You have not optimised your meta tags

Some site owners forget that all the search engines simply look at the meta tags to determine the relevance of sites for any organic query.

Meta tags are the small sentences that users get under your results during the search process. It is amazing how people tend to act based on the strength of meta tags. If you have compelling statements that entice your audience in the meta tags and descriptions, you are likely to get more visitors than those who do not have very powerful tags.

Moreover, if you have the most appropriate tags, you will find it easier to use Yahoo rank tracker or any other tool to evaluate your performance than when you do not have the right ones.

If you are using any of the standard Content Management Services, then you have access to exclusive features that allow you to see and optimise your meta descriptions and tags. In fact, some systems give you essential tips that you can use to identify mistakes in your tags and use the right practices to get the results that you deserve.

Although your CMS will guide you through the process of optimising your meta tags, here are a few take-home tips. First, ensure that you include the keywords that you would like to rank for in your descriptions. Given that keywords and key phrases change all the time, you must devote a considerable amount of time to research.

Two, keep your descriptions within the required length. Usually, when you include very long descriptions, your search engine automatically truncates the content to ensure that it fits within the allocated space. Thus, if the CMS tells you that your descriptions should not exceed 155 words or characters, then stick to this word count to be on the safe side.

Once you have optimised your tags, then it will be easy to get the Google or Yahoo rank tracker results to identify any mistakes in your online marketing initiatives that are usually reflected in the results of your site.

  1. Your social media engagement is poor
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As much as some people may argue that social media engagement is not a critical factor that determines your SEO performance, it is essential to bear in mind that if you are not on social media, then you may not rank after all.

Search engines like Yahoo and Google deliberately look at your social media engagement to assess the level of credibility of your site. If you do not engage with your audience on social media, then the search engines tend to believe that you are not credible.

If Google and Yahoo believe that you are not credible, then there is no point of using any of the rank tracker tools like Yahoo rank tracker. You need first to convince the search engines that are a genuine site that contains information which people are looking for before you get Yahoo rank tracker results.

At times, you may have developed social media pages on various platforms but still, fail to rank because the search engines believe that you do not have enough social media engagement.

It is because of this reason that you need to use specialised tools to evaluate your social media engagement. Just like Yahoo rank tracker, any good social media engagement tool indicates your relative performance on leading social media platforms.

You can use the results to craft a potent social media engagement strategy for your brand. Once you execute the plan, you can again check your performance. If you see a difference, the chances are that the search engines will take a cue and start ranking your sites. You may confirm this by checking using your favourite tool like Yahoo rank tracker.

  1. You do not have backlinks

Backlinks are essential for building your credibility online. Your visitors will regard your website as very credible when they encounter backlinks from well-recognised sites.

Let us get back to the example of our site for marketing our digital marketing services for small businesses. There are many well-established firms in the field already. Now, let us imagine that as part of selling our services, we run a special content marketing project. Thus, we maintain a blog that we use to give very actionable tips of successful internet marketing to business owners.

Of course, we shall be careful not to tell people our secret tactics of helping them perform well on the internet, lest we lose our unique selling proposition. Now, if there is a well-established firm in the industry that carries a link to our site on theirs, then readers of the site are likely to follow the link to ‘learn more’ about our services.

Our figure out that we are very credible because they will associate us with the leading authority in the field. Thus, when many people link back to our site and read our content, we get more traffic and higher conversion rates.

Now, we may also carry links to other sites within our content. If the links lead to well-established firms, then we are likely to remain relevant for a long time.

This example illustrates how powerful backlinks can be in the world of internet marketing. Even before you use your favourite Yahoo rank tracker, try to figure out how you can get backlinks to your site from credible ones.

Moreover, the Yahoo rank tracker results of sites that have credible backlinks tend to be better than those of websites that lack high-impact backlinks.

After you have gotten a few critical backlinks, you may check your Yahoo rank tracker results for any changes. Under normal circumstances, the Yahoo rank tracker results change positively after you have included high-value backlinks to your website.

  1. You have low-quality content.

Not every form of textual and graphical content that you include on your site matters. On many occasions, your search engine may regard the content as useless. In such a case, your Yahoo rank tracker results may remain dismally low. In fact, you may not rank at all if you do not have good content.

To search engines, you can see it in your Yahoo rank tracker results, for example, good content is relevant and has specific keywords. You must invest in keyword research to be able to develop content that matches what people are already interested in getting.

Search engines can determine what people need by looking at how visitors to your site behave. Besides, if you do not include the most important keywords, then no one will find you when using organic searches. Sadly, this is the fate of many sites.

There is only one way to remedy this: include high-quality content on your site.

In summary, if you do not appear in search results, then you need to check for a few possible issues. The good news is that you can fix all these problems by following easy steps. The most challenging part of the process involves trying to figure out the most important reason for not ranking. But you may still go through this checklist to find out some of the reasons for your situation.




Last modified: January 21, 2019



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