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Do you want your YouTube rank checker software to record that you are ranking #1 on YouTube? Of course, you do!

But then….

You either don’t know where to begin, or you don’t see the need of video SEO.

In the era we are in today, video has become one of the most consumed ‘foods’ in the online space. If you want to boost the credibility of your business, you cannot ignore Using video. In fact, some studies show that online users would rather watch a one hour video instead of reading a short, plain article.

Therefore, if you have not yet invested in video SEO, then you are committing an injustice to your business. You need to grab a good YouTube rank tracker tool and embark on a cutting-edge strategy that will give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

However, using videos that will not give metrics on the YouTube rank checker software that show people are actually watching them is a waste of time and resources. You need to invest in a video strategy that will drive traffic to your channel and give you a good ROI.

When I started video SEO about two years ago, I didn’t know that I to optimize them for people to see. I thought that once I uploaded a video, all I had to do is sit, and results on the YouTube rank checker software would come on their own. This was a mistake that cost me a lot of money, not forgetting the time and energy I used in making the videos.

I wouldn’t want you to go through the same experiences as mine. I don’t want you to make videos every day, and still, record poor rankings on your YouTube rank tracker tool. This is why I have outlined a few tips and tricks that will help you make sound decisions and ultimately delight in thousands of views, high rankings, and value for money.

  1. Have a perfect plan

Your YouTube rank checker software will always produce disheartening metrics for as long as you proceed with video SEO without a perfect plan.

When I started off, I did it blindly, and this explains why I failed. My strategy, despite giving it time and spending a lot of bucks in it give me disappointments, and I even stopped using it at some point.

But I realized one mistake that was costing me a fortune – I did not have an initial plan!

First and foremost, think about your audience. What do they want to hear? What type of videos do they love viewing? Are there words and phrases they use to search for similar videos on YouTube? Do they have any special needs, and what can you do to fulfil them? Is there anything you can do to be better than your competitors and have your target market trust you?

When you get the answers to these questions, you will be able to come up with a perfect and easily-executable plan. Then, think about the tools you need to complement your plan. Choose the best YouTube rank tracker tool, YouTube rank tracker tool, and a keyword checker you will use to look for terms that your target audience use.

The bottom line is, you will never get the best results in the YouTube rank checker if you come up with videos blindly. Develop a good plan, and success will be your cup of tea every day.


  1. Get good topics for your videos!
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You can develop a good topic, but if it doesn’t bear a good topic, lest assured you will record poor rankings on your YouTube rank tracker tool.

Take some time and figure out the topics that your audiences are interested in. You can this by first identifying your competitors, and looking at the videos they had success in. This will give you a hint on the type of information to develop, and how to tailor it to suit the needs of your market and at the same time take you a step ahead of your rivals.

For each topic you get, it is very important to check its search volume. You might get one of the best topics on the internet, but if it shows low search volume when you check rank for a keyword, then look for an alternative because it will not bear sweet fruits on the YouTube rank checker software.

With a great keyword research tool such as Serpbook, all you will need to do is type the keywords you want to focus on, and it will reveal to you how many views they have gotten in the past. As a rule of the thumb, always go for the keyword with the highest number of views.

Tip: I have noted one mistake among my clients that make it difficult for them to get the rankings they desire on their YouTube rank checker. Their video uploads are not cohesive. You cannot post a video about “How to buy a nice car” today, and post another one on “the best cooking techniques.” This will make you a jack of all trades and a master of none, and there are high chances that your target market will not trust your site. Choose a niche and focus on it. If you believe that you are multitalented, come up with a few niches you are good at and develop a channel for each.

  1. Focus on long-tail keywords
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This is a super-tip! Just like ranking on google where long tail keywords can help you get the best results on the Google rank checker, they can do the same magic in your YouTube rank checker!

Long-tail keywords are more specific and less competitive. Even though they might not bring a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel, they have very high chances of converting.

The best way to find long tail keyword is to type your keyword in the YouTube search bar, and a list of about ten search terms will appear. Use them as inspiration!

To ensure you are getting the long-tail keywords that will lead to maximum success, don’t type one word. If you do, it will result into terms that start with the word you typed. For instance, let’s say you type the word “KPIs”. Results will appear like this;

  • KPIs you need to measure
  • KPIs measuring tools
  • KPIs in SEO
  • KPIs measured


However, if you type something like “-SEO KPIs to,” results will appear with the words you typed based anywhere and not necessarily at the beginning like this:

  • SEO KPIs to measure
  • The major type of KPIs in SEO
  • Top KPIs reputable brands measure


This is a take-home point. If you want to get the best long tail keywords that will result into the best results in the YouTube rank checker, type longer words in the search box, and you will get better and more specific ideas.

  1. Use the titles of popular videos as keywords

Prudent, right?

Apart from the focus keyword you use for your video, you will need to come up with about 30 additional keywords you will use in the description of your videos. You can get these keywords from keyword research tools and in the YouTube search box, but one trick of getting those that will guarantee high ranking reports on the YouTube rank tracker is by using titles of high-ranking videos.

The explanation behind this is simple: if you use a title of a popular video and use it as a keyword, YouTube will believe that the videos are related, and there are high chances that it will appear on the “suggested videos column when a user is watching the popular video. Ultimately, your YouTube rank checker will show increasing views and high rankings at the end of the day.

  1. Always check your keyword score

In website SEO, it is good practice to keep monitoring progress. The same case applies to YouTube SEO. You need to keep tracking your rankings, and most importantly, checking your keyword score. You don’t want to keep using keywords that will not help you get the results you desire on your YouTube rank tracker. There is a range of tools you can use to achieve this, and Serpbook is one of them. All you have to do is search for the keyword you want to track, and you will see the keyword score on the search page.

If a keyword is not resulting in high rankings, don’t keep hoping that one day the impossible might happen. Get up and look for a more popular one, and who knows, your YouTube rank checker might record top rankings in no time.

  1. Use your channel name as a keyword

youtube rank checker

Are you one of the people who avoid using their channel name as keywords because they believe it might hurt their rankings on YouTube? If you are, please think again!

When you use your channel name as a keyword in your tags and descriptions of all your videos, YouTube will consider your videos closely related; hence when a user is watching one video, the others will appear in the “suggested videos” section.

Remember, YouTube loves people who keep viewers on their videos for a long time. Therefore, using your channel name in tags and descriptions will make users watch several videos in a row, which will mean smile-inducing metrics on your YouTube rank checker.

  1. Incorporate your YouTube videos on your website

Look – YouTube is owned by Google. Therefore, if your desire is to record the best rankings in your keyword ranking tracker and YouTube rank checker, why don’t you include a YouTube video in your site if you are writing on a related topic?

Doing this is what I consider killing two birds with one stone. First, you will boost the credibility of your site in google, and second, you will boost the rankings and popularity of your video on YouTube.

  1. Use similar keywords for your website and YouTube video
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Yes, if you want to embed a YouTube video on your website, the best way to ensure you a win for your site and YouTube channel is by using the same keywords.

Therefore, don’t do keyword research differently in such a situation. Identify a topic, and use the best keyword research tools such as Serpbook to come up with words and phrases that you firmly believe will result in high rankings.

For instance, if you want to target “SEO tips for beginners” in your video, don’t target “SEO techniques for newbies” in your content. Well, for a fact, this might not affect your site or channel in any way, but it could result in better results if you target the same keywords.

Write an article with the same title as your video and incorporate it in the website and see the difference yourself!

Finally, getting the best results on your YouTube rank checker is not as easy as people think. If you see a person who has hit 500k views, know that there is a lot of work that has gone into it. To ensure success, focus on the quality and entertainment value of your videos, and follow the above tips. In no time, you might become one of the most celebrated YouTube stars. Good luck!




Last modified: January 21, 2019



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