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SerpBook has more than 6+ years of rank tracking experience.

Local Tracking Anywhere

Track any of the 188 Google search engines on any precise level, down to a country, city or even ZIP Code level with our rank tracker.

Sharing Made Simple

Share any category publicly through the use of a ViewKey. Grant add-on users access to your rank tracker account or specific categories.

Ranking Reports

Export or schedule reports for personal or agency usage, with the full ability to customize and rebrand SerpBook rank tracker reports.

SerpBook Testimonial

What initially drew me in with SerpBook was their ability to track from any location. Because we primarily do local SEO, this was a must-have feature which we could never seem get working elsewhere. It was a pain in our side and I'm happy to report the future does works great with SerpBook.

Jonathan AdamsOwner @ PeachBlitz Web Marketing and Printing Peach

Simple & Effective Solution

Intelligently designed for everyone in SEO.

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SerpBook Testimonial

What I look for most is accuracy of the rankings and reliability and I have to say that I am absolutely impressed. In the past I was forever having to do manual checks because I couldn’t trust the rankings but I am now finally able to get away from this and put my time to better use.

John HindsDirector @ Lojix Limited

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Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank tracking is included with each keyword at no additional cost.

Packed with Features.

Experience the full power of SerpBook, included in all of our packages.

Amazingly Simple Usage

A ViewKey is a sharable link directly to a category. With read only permissions, anyone view the seo rank checker live.

Group keywords into categories and generate a ViewKey link. You can share, Send, or Frame a ViewKey.

Unlimited Reporting Options

You can customize and rebrand PDF or CSV reports, by adding any logos or descriptions.

Export or schedule reports to be emailed out as often as desired.

Sample PDF ReportSample CSV Report

SerpBook Testimonial

SerpBook has given us a simple way to keep track of our keyword positions on multiple search engines. We needed a service that could keep track of hundreds of keywords in a clean, simple manner. SerpBook delivered this with its user friendly functions and low cost subscription fees.

Sam CaponeCEO @ HerbTools

Multiple User Management

There are no limitations on how many additional addon users you can add to your SEO Rank Checker.

Assign a unique username and password combination for each user for maximum security.

You can add or delete addon users from your rank tracker account at anytime.

User Access Levels

Multiple permission settings are available for addon users using the rank tracker.

You can assign different access levels to an addon user ranging from the basic viewing ability, all the way to an administrative account.

Email Password Restrictions Access rank tracker
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seo rank checker Select Categories

Intelligent Keyword Tagging

Once you group keywords by adding tags to them, you can flip through tags with ease.

Try tagging important keywords, or add different regional tags on them, the choices are unlimited.

Multiple Viewing Options

Display the category in URL / Keyword view, which will group all of your URL / keywords together for easy viewing.

Favoriting Keywords

Favorite important keywords in SerpBook SEO rank checker to highlight and bump them to the top of the category.

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Sophisticated Charts

Make notes, see what works, and view your SEO campaign progress within a single graph.

Historical graphs are generated and saved when your keywords are added in.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate your Google Analytics data directly into SerpBook.

Graphs can be added directly into categories and exported within reports.

Live Notifications / Alerts

Get instantly notified through email as soon as one of your keywords enters/leaves the 1/10/100 position.

Accurate Search Volume

Monthly search volume data from the Google Keyword Planner (Adwords) supports up to date, accurate, exact values.

Keyword Metrics Overview

Metrics, backlinks count, SEO Competition, and Google search volume allow for a quick overview of your keywords' performance.

Spyglass Verification

Double check our SERP tracking and perform a live query on any keyword to see its current live position highlighted.

Possibilities are Unlimited

Anyone can get started and integrate SerpBook's simplistic API into their own application in minutes. Our RESTful API uses HTTP requests and can supply data anywhere from a small project to a full blown application.

Add, Delete, Fetch Data

Everything is supported from adding and deleting new categories and keywords to fetching a single keyword's historical data. We also offer RAW SERP Tracking Data for developers who want raw results.

Read More - API Documentation

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