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SerpBook has more than 5+ years of rank tracking experience.

Local Tracking Anywhere

Track any of the 188 Google search engines on any precise level, down to a country, city or even ZIP Code level with our rank tracker.

Sharing Made Simple

Share any category publicly through the use of a ViewKey. Grant add-on users access to your rank tracker account or specific categories.

Ranking Reports

Export or schedule reports for personal or agency usage, with the full ability to customize and rebrand SerpBook rank tracker reports.

Simple & Effective Solution

Intelligently designed for everyone in SEO.


Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank tracking is included with each keyword at no additional cost.

Packed with Features.

Experience the full power of SerpBook, included in all of our packages.

Amazingly Simple Usage

A ViewKey is a sharable link directly to a category. With read only permissions, anyone can see live, up to date keyword rankings.

Group keywords into categories and generate a ViewKey link. You can share, Send, or Frame a ViewKey.

Share identical data from your SerpBook rank tracker account with anyone you want.

Unlimited Reporting Options

You can customize and rebrand PDF or CSV reports, by adding any logos or descriptions.

Export or schedule reports to be emailed out as often as desired.

Sample PDF ReportSample CSV Report

Multiple User Management

There are no limitations on how many additional logins you can create for your account.

Assign a unique username and password combination for each user for maximum security.

You can add or delete addon users from your rank tracker account at anytime.

User Access Levels

Multiple permission settings are available for addon users using the rank tracker.

You can assign different access levels to an addon user ranging from the basic viewing ability, all the way to an administrative account.

Email Password Restrictions Access
Select Categories

Intelligent Keyword Tagging

Once you group keywords by adding tags to them, you can flip through tags with ease.

Try tagging important keywords, or add different regional tags on them, the choices are unlimited.

Multiple Viewing Options

Display the category in URL / Keyword view, which will group all of your URL / keywords together for easy viewing.

Favoriting Keywords

Favorite important keywords to highlight and bump them to the top of the category.

Sophisticated Charts

Make notes, see what works, and view your SEO campaign progress within a single graph.

Historical graphs are generated and saved when your keywords are added in.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate your Google Analytics data directly into SerpBook.

Graphs can be added directly into categories and exported within reports.

Live Notifications / Alerts

Get instantly notified through email as soon as one of your keywords enters/leaves the 1/10/100 position.

Accurate Search Volume

Monthly search volume data from the Google Keyword Planner (Adwords) supports up to date, accurate, exact values.

Keyword Metrics Overview

Metrics, backlinks count, SEO Competition, and Google search volume allow for a quick overview of your keywords' performance.

Spyglass Verification

Double check and perform a live query on any keyword to see its current live position highlighted.

Possibilities are Unlimited

Anyone can get started and integrate SerpBook's simplistic API into their own application in minutes. Our RESTful API uses HTTP requests and can supply data anywhere from a small project to a full blown application.

Add, Delete, Fetch Data

Everything is supported from adding and deleting new categories and keywords to fetching a single keyword's historical data.

Read More - API Documentation

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What our users are saying.

Find out why our users keep using SerpBook.

What initially drew me in with SerpBook was their ability to track from any location. Because we primarily do local SEO, this was a must-have feature which we could never seem get working elsewhere. It was a pain in our side and I'm happy to report the future does works great with SerpBook.

Their API has allowed us to integrate their Google rank tracking service into our own client management software. With their hourly updates, everything appears seamless which makes reporting clients Google ranking jumps dead simple for us.

SerpBook Testimonial

Jonathan AdamsOwner @ PeachBlitz Web Marketing and Printing Peach

As an SEO Strategist I have a mixed bag of SEO tools I use on a daily basis. I have used SerpBook for a good stretch of time, I have even spent considerable money testing its competitors products and always found SerpBook to be the superior SEO Software product on the market both in accuracy and user experience. With SerpBook I have no need of monthly SEO report emails, my clients can see where they are at day by day.

I will continue to recommend SerpBook as the best in SEO ranking software world wide. There is no better rank tracker on the market. Give it a try and I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

SerpBook Testimonial

Scott NailonSEO Strategist & Director @ Sites By Design - Sydney, Australia

I have tried out many, many rank tracking services and tools over the years.

With SerpBook I now have everything I have always needed in one product: periodic PDF reports for my customers, precise ranking which also shows regional placements, and super easy configuration.

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a hardworking and easy to use rank tracking tool. Definitely worth it!

SerpBook Testimonial

Jens KleinholzFounder @ NET-TEC Internet Solutions & Sir Apfelot

Since we work in several niches the category feature is extremely helpful. We can jump from niche to niche and share information with our clients quickly and in a format, that is easy for them to understand. This helps greatly with our client retention and in turn our bottom line.

Another powerful feature that our team loves is the detailed reports. We use them as marketing tools to set us apart from the competition. First, we generate reports that compile Google search volume and backlink count. Then we take that information to present a clear picture of how the prospect compares to their competition. This is extremely helpful in converting the prospect to a paying customer. They can’t believe how thorough we are during the presentation.

SerpBook Testimonial

Joe BurnichOwner @ Big West Marketing, Inc.

What I look for most is accuracy of the rankings and reliability and I have to say that I am absolutely impressed. In the past I was forever having to do manual checks because I couldn’t trust the rankings but I am now finally able to get away from this and put my time to better use.

Also the facility to give my customers access to their campaign saves me the time of having to send them reports. They love the fact that they can check their rankings on an hourly basis.

SerpBook Testimonial

John HindsDirector @ Lojix Limited

We are always looking for tools that provide real added value and, above all, are fully reliable. After we tested several SEO tools, we eventually chose Serpbook for two specific reasons:

1. To monitor our campaigns in a reliable manner. The big advantage of Serpbook is the fact that we can view campaigns in real time. Therefore, the effects of our SEO services are displayed immediately.

2. In order to intensify and improve customer contact. Since we send the ranking reports monthly to our customers, we notice a high level of engagement and lower dropout rates with our customers.

Bottom line, we are very pleased with Serpbook and would like to continue working together in this way.

SerpBook Testimonial

Ton HeerzeCEO @

SerpBook has given us a simple way to keep track of our keyword positions on multiple search engines. We needed a service that could keep track of hundreds of keywords in a clean, simple manner. SerpBook delivered this with its user friendly functions and low cost subscription fees.

SerpBook Testimonial

Sam CaponeCEO @ HerbTools

As I truly want to give the best for my clients I decided to take out a plan with everyone that looked half decent and I must of tried well over 20 providers, most with various disappointing aspects.

SerpBook really impressed me based on the cost for daily ranking data, how user friendly & logical the data was presented, the reliability of the ranking data, and the ability for me to be able to brand up the reports.

It's not often I'll put my name to something as my reputation means a great deal to me, but the quality of product SerpBook has, backed by their incredible support, makes me proud to recommend them to anyone.

SerpBook Testimonial

Scott D SmithDirector @ &

We've tried practically every rank tracker there is on the marketplace, yet SerpBook is the only one that consistently gives accurate keyword rankings for our reports. Any SEO agency worth their salt must have SerpBook in their reporting arsenal. Nothing else comes close.

SerpBook Testimonial

Simon BurgeCEO @ Rocket SEO

SerpBook's ViewKeys allow us to enjoy a practical approach to reporting with minimal setup. Dealing with several SEO campaigns each month, this feature is an invaluable time-saver!

SerpBook Testimonial

Eduardo CarrerasCEO & Founder @

I started using rank trackers in 2004. At that time they were all desktop based. It wasn't long before web based tools started popping up and they were all the same. In 2012 I started using SerpBook and haven't looked back!

SerpBook provides a quick and easy interface that allows me to see, at a glance, the overall health of my company and rankings. I've upgraded to the higher packages multiple times because clients love to be able to see a white label report.

SerpBook Testimonial

Brandon HopkinsPresident @

Before I found SerpBook, tracking my rankings across all of my personal and client sites was a tremendous task that required hours a week to keep up with.

The clean interface, diverse feature set, and regular updates combined with the pricing led me to fully switch over to SerpBook for all of my rank tracking.

Thanks SerpBook Team!

SerpBook Testimonial

Morgan CrozierEntrepreneur

I use SerpBook almost every day. Our business is built on search engine marketing and we'd be truly lost without it! We’ve found the platform easy to use and incredibly effective in informing our link-building and on-page optimization strategies. As a social media agency, it’s not only us who benefit, but our clients. A whole host of our clients look to us to help measure and guide their search engine optimization activity and SerpBook is the perfect tool to help us do that.

Without a reliable and accurate measuring tool, it’s easy to spend time doing what you think is right for your website and simply be making pointless changes or even be damaging your site’s ranking ability. We’ve found SerpBook to be the most reliable and up to date platform on the market and it represents great value for money. Virtually every business benefits from search engine optimization so we'd highly recommend SerpBook to all businesses, especially those in the digital marketing sector for whom it is simply a must have tool.

SerpBook Testimonial

Ben CookMarketing Director @ JC Social Media

Overflow Cafe services thousands of small business clients and we try to provide them with the very best tools and reporting, we are only interested in the best for them. We trust SerpBook to deliver accurate, detailed and useful data in an easy to understand format. Not only does SerpBook do better than we expect, but they also provide excellent customer service.

We've tested other rank tracking services and none are as good as SerpBook. As one of the larger SEO firms out there, we can't waste time on second-best tools, we strive to deliver the best and nothing beats SerpBook for rank tracking. We love it and our thousands of clients love it, and we recommend SerpBook to our colleagues in the SEO industry.

SerpBook Testimonial

Jeff HallCo-Founder @ Overflow Cafe

SerpBook has been an effective, useful tool for monitoring our clients and their keywords. With an easy-to-use interface and simple means of organizing clients, SerpBook has been our go-to keyword tracking software in the face of a myriad of other options.

Not only is SerpBook easy to use, but it has a great API, and it's also very easy to get raw data, excel exports, and email reports. Using this software has improved our client reporting and gives us consistent, fresh data.

SerpBook Testimonial

Bernie ClarkFounder @ Majux Marketing

SerpBook means keyword tracking made simple, and that is exactly what we need this tool to be, functional and efficient while seamless and clean. Having the ability to categorize and favorite keywords translates into clarity when analyzing our rankings. If you are looking forward to monitor your business' growth and development thoroughly, you oughta invest in a powerful set of tools and SerpBook is definitely one to throw into the toolbox.

I recommend SerpBook entirely as it has brought tangible results to our business and our development as a team, no need to keep searching out there for yet another rank tracker tool, having tested other options in the past, we at Placeit can agree this is it.

SerpBook Testimonial

Ana GonzalezPartner Development Manager @ Placeit

The thing that I love most about SerpBook is how reliable it has been. I know that rankings will be accurate and up-to-date no matter what. I can't say this about other rank trackers that I've used in the past.

One thing I really like is the ability to "favorite" a given keyword, which locks that keyword at the top of a given category. This allows me to get a quick idea of how my most important keywords are doing without me having to sift through lists of hundreds of keyphrases to find what I need.

My experience has been flawless to date, I would recommend to anyone person or small business who need accurate tracking in order to properly manage their SEO efforts.

SerpBook Testimonial

Vin D'ElettoOwner @

Over the years, as a marketer, I have tried a lot of rank trackers, looking desperately for a reliable tool that fit my needs.

Now, after 3 years of using Serpbook both for my clients and me, I've come to the conclusion that Serpbook is definitely the best SEO rank tracker today. For me, SerpBook is a huge time saver. Not only with a simple and friendly interface, but with the most accurate and reliable ranking data, by far.

Thanks SerpBook Team! Keep up your amazing work.

SerpBook Testimonial

SarielFounder @

There are not many SERP tracking tools out there which are reliable, I have been using SERPBOOK for 5 years now and am tracking well around 5000 keywords for hundreds of clients.

When you are working on this scale you want to work with a company which is not only reliable but super responsive as well, team at SERPBOOK has done an excellent job with great support, beautiful design & reporting features, timely updates and reliable data.

Thank you guys, more than 300 of my clients love your reports when they see them every Monday morning :)

SerpBook Testimonial

Ishan GuptaDirector @ iMark Infotech Pvt Ltd & Director @ Silicon Beach Digital

I use SerpBook every day for checking keyword rankings of my multiple web projects. To my knowledge it's the best keyword monitoring tool out there.

I chat with the SerpBook developers from time to time on Facebook, they are very versatile and their support is great. Keyword ranking updates are also pushed frequently (multiple times per day), the mobile (responsive) version is very easy to use, and even plotting of keyword graphs is possible.

The SerpBook team has already implemented several of my feature requests, such as the keyword sorting option by "ranking change" in the mobile view.

I am very thankful for this. Keep up the great work!

SerpBook Testimonial

Dr. Tassilo KeilmannCEO @ Wellness Heaven