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10 Steps to Set Up SEO for a Small WordPress Site

WordPress sites can be great for SEO – really among easy-to-set up, widely used CMSs or site building solutions, there aren’t many I would recommend above WordPress. And of course, WordPress is a great solution for building websites in general (with about 25% of sites on the internet being run on WordPress).

There are fantastic plugins that allow you to deploy performance improvements that can boost your rankings with no technical expertise. And if things get ugly, there’s a huge and relatively low cost development community at your fingertips online.

Unfortunately, the flexibility of WordPress can mean that after the initial setup, you may find that you have some SEO issues you weren’t expecting. And with the sheer mass of plugins available to help you solve these problems, it can be a bit daunting to find the right ones.

In collaboration with SerpBook, we’ve put together this guide to help you avoid a few common pitfalls. This way, you can ensure you’ve covered all the basics in setting your WordPress site up to attract organic traffic.… Read the rest

Ranking Check Software- Increasing Traffic in Your E-commerce Store

Among the numerous challenges that any company could face, generating leads and traffic is a major concern, particularly for online businesses, thriving in such a competitive platform is not an easy thing. The target market keeps changing and the demands to deliver better value keeps increasing. It further becomes a concern when you check your rankings and realize that your company is performing very poorly as per the free ranking check software online

With a primary goal of becoming a success on the digital platform, there is a lot you must do to thrive your eCommerce business. With the understanding that your competition won’t be going away, you might as well put your best foot forward in coming up with a timely solution to boost your traffic. Here is a compilation of some of the top-notch ways to increase eCommerce traffic, not forgetting. Boost your performance on the free ranking check software online:

Leverage SEO

Regardless of the business, you are in, SEO has premium advantages when it comes to making more sales, attracting traffic, and beating the competition.… Read the rest

Keyword Search Ranking Success: Things to Remove From Your Site Now

Digital marketing has for a long time made a significant contribution to the number of conversions and sales that businesses are making. Unlike the traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing, more so SEO, has taken a more targeted approach which has seen the success of these businesses. Marketers have employed different SEO strategies in their marketing efforts. Such include keyword research, social media marketing and SEO analysis to mention a few. Software like keyword search ranking tool has made it possible for webmasters to point out whether or not the keywords they are using are doing something for their keyword search ranking. It goes on and on.

You should, however, note that there are some things in your website that are letting down your SEO efforts. Your keyword SERP might be doing so well, but then some things will shadow that. For you to get the most out of SERP keyword, the following are things that you should keep away from your website.… Read the rest

Serprank- E-commerce marketing tips to outrank your competitors

The internet is a very competitive space that requires business owners to remain vigilant in pursuing better SERPrank and different techniques that can help them keep up with their competitions. While SERP reports don’t make the competition any easier than it already is, the assurance business owners get from SERPrank software has a lot to do with motivating them to outdo their competitors.

The entire eCommerce adventure is one that can get overwhelming for business owners faced with the challenges of marketing amidst stiff competition. At this, every step counts in becoming the best, not just on SERP reports, but on the familiarity with the target market, and how much a SERPrank can change in just a short while. The greatest challenge is perhaps that of how dynamic the target market can be at any given point. Here are a couple of eCommerce marketing tips to help you outrank your competitors, without whatsoever compromising your progress on the SERPrank software:

Always have a content marketing strategy

Before you get started on anything, including learning how to use a SERP software, have a solid content marketing strategy in place.… Read the rest

Blackhat SEO Tactics to Avoid Before Serp Checking

Most webmasters have heard that Black hat SEO is an evil practice. Even so, it is not to mean that people have refrained from its practice, nor to mean that they do not yield any positive results whatsoever. However, some website owners have fully banked on black hat SEO tactics as their way of getting by free SERP checking with great results. The problem with black hat SEO is not that it will all not get you to the top of SERP results on Google, but that it implies your willingness to cheat, lie, manipulate and break so many rules for you to get there. If you are confident about the kind of content you are sharing with your target audience, should you really have to worry about breaking the rules to get to the top of searches?

Regardless of how many times you have used black hat SEO practice on your site, some techniques will hurt your ranking while doing so your reputation.… Read the rest

Serps Tracking Basics: How Social Media Can Impact Your SEO

It is such a fulfilling experience to have your website rank on the first place of Google’s first page for your targeted keywords. Something about achieving a better result on SERPs tracking always feels like a win. However, it is not as easy as it seems. A lot of activities, techniques, time and effort go into optimizing a site for the top positions of free tracking SERPs. Fortunate enough, there are several things that webmasters can bank on to achieve success in this area. Other than the tools that technology has made readily available for conducting paramount SEO practices, there is the role of social media.

It is not vain that people now consider social media the most powerful digital marketing tool. There are millions of people who gather on different social media platforms every day, which is the very reason brands are becoming more and more vigilant in improving their social media presence. If by chance you are clueless of how social media can benefit your website, here is a breakdown of different ways in which it can impact your SEO and improve your free tracking SERPs outcomes:

Content Promotion

Being a successful brand with high ranking performance on free tracking SERPs on the very competitive digital platform is not easy.… Read the rest

Why Good Serps Ranking Will Have an Impound Impact on Businesses Decades

Is it really worth it to invest in SEO? This is a question that all website owners have had at one point of their existence online. Knowing the many benefits that SEO can have, for example, amazing SERPs ranking, the question is not exactly about whether or not SEO works, but about its longevity. How long is it before SEO loses value and all your efforts go down the drain?

If you do not understand the real value of SEO, then it won’t matter that you have mastered the art of using a SERP ranking software. It is when you know that SEO has a significant impact on your website and SERPs ranking that you can see the need to invest in the optimization efforts. In fact, with the rate at which technology is growing, you better believe that SEO is here to stay. Here is a look at some of the reason why you will find SEO to have an impound impact on your business in the future:

Organic Search

Just like SERP rank, organic search is a huge factor for website owners.… Read the rest

Keyword Tracking Tool Basics:  Ways Your SEO Agency Can Increase Revenue per Client

Every SEO expert will tell you that the secret to being a successful SEO agency lies in your ability to become better at leveraging revenue per client. Ideally, the percentage of getting your product to a new customer is a lot lower than that of selling it to one of your existing customers. Like you would use keyword tracking tools to target specific keyword for a specific audience when it comes to marketing, it counts that you consider targeting clients who already know you.

As an SEO agency, you have to be a master in chasing new leads, perfecting SEO strategies, as well as acquiring new customers. However, to get the best out of your effort, the technique is to increase the revenue you get per client. This way, better bang for your buck. Even so, it is easier said than done. You may have it easy with your keyword tracking tool, say, the search engine keyword tracking software, but on matters of earning as much as possible from one customer, you need a lot.… Read the rest

SEO Serp – Reasons Why I Will Leave Your Site in 5 Seconds

The internet has revolutionized a lot over the past couple of years. This is evident in the large numbers of people joining the different internet platforms every day. As if not enough, businesses are also breeding online, with thousands of websites being launched every day. It is no surprise that the SEO SERP online has become so trendy today.

As people are busy fitting in in different online platforms, websites are trying as much as possible to be the go-to channels for the online market audience.  However, it is not as easy as saying is, especially since people are getting accustomed to having things done their way, more especially regarding speed. When it comes to Google SEO SERP, website owners are very aware of the importance of speed in the overall SEO SERP goals. Even then, most people do not know why anyone would leave their site in 5 seconds. Lucky for you, below is a breakdown of why I will exit your site after just five minutes of being on it:

It takes forever to open

SEO serp

Figure 1 Load Speed

If in the 4 seconds I am on your website and it does not open, then there is no longer a reason for me to stick around.… Read the rest

Search Tracker Tool Basics: Why Your Site Is Down

It takes a lot to put up a site and make it a successful venture in the midst of stiff competition, including the continuous use of SEO position trackers. Because technology is readily available to everyone, webmasters have a lot to offer their target audience. As a business owner, if you are not careful to use your SEO tracker tool and rightfully earn a position on the first page of search engines, you will be irrelevant in your industry.

As websites are being launched on the digital platform daily, others are going down. You may think that all the work you need to put forth should be in launching your site, but maintaining it is indeed the real hassle. The concern is over your rank position on SEO tracker software, or worse than your site is down and cannot be accessed. If you are worried that things are not looking up for you regarding your website, look into the following ten issues that can cause a site to go down:


You may be dreading this thought, but in this age and time, hackers are the number one suspects when a website is down.… Read the rest

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